Retired Mossad chief makes video supporting the AfD as the right true and proper Germany

A few months ago, one of our translators did a video of what Ezra Levant might call, “A professional Jew” who went into the German Parliament and humiliated the AfD party until they walked out in disgust.

They were claiming that the AfD was a budding Nazi party, “far right wing” and the other populist (I use the term in the correct way. What is popularly thought instead of what is true) nonsense.

I never published that video here at VladTepes as it was made to create antisemitism. (I don’t mean we translated it for that reason, but the event was created by far leftists in Merkel’s party to create a fiction that the threat to Jews in Germany was the AfD (alternative for Germany) and mot the socialist polices of Merkel and the mass importation of genocidally antisemitic muslims.)

The AfD should have thought of something better as a reaction, than to walk out, but I cannot say I blame them. After all the work they did establishing their credentials as a party of equality for all and not National Socialist in any way, this little tactic by a professional Jew or professional Jewish organization that swooped in to wield the weapon of antisemitism for political points instead of, and in fact against, reality was more than they could bear.

So what a delight it was to be informed of this magnificent example of a real Jewish person who has established credentials, as opposed to a far-left-wing extremist hiding behind his ethnicity and often, phoney awards from non-existent ‘human rights’ groups, like so many SJWs have, speak so positively about the AfD.

When I say established credentials, this is the man who tracked down, caught and brought to justice, Adolf Eichmann.

No less that the former D-Ops of Mossad, Rafi Eitan:

As I have stated in numerous essays on this site, the problem with lefty Jews is that they are lefties who use their Judaism as a shield from criticism and a weapon with which to advance what they really care about, their leftism.

The same can be said of feminists that show a remarkable lack of interest in Islamic abuse of women universally, or BLM people who only protest black criminals who richly deserved to be attacked by police, and for that matter, every other identity group acting for the advancement of leftist goals even at the expense of their own safety. Once again, women’s groups and most notably, homosexuals who will be systematically eliminated in the event of an Islamic controlled area formed by their actions.

In order to know how thinking Jewish people actually feel about the new Europe, the former Mossad chief is likely the right person from which to generalize. Not the commies who join BDS groups.

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10 Replies to “Retired Mossad chief makes video supporting the AfD as the right true and proper Germany”

  1. Thank you for the video, he is a true hero of humanity and his words are several orders of magnitude more important then the words of the professional Jews who go on the worlds stage to support the leftist agenda.

  2. Last year or so Bibi corrected his own ambassador to Hungary because he was buying into the EU narrative of an antisemitic Orban. Here Mr. Eitan counters the establishment line once again. Real Jewish authorities must continue to speak out in support of those who truly support them. It utterly deflates the propagandists.

    • Entirely separate issues.

      But on that issue, I think we all would like all these god damned jihadis out of Syria as well. The Saudi backed, Turkish backed Islamic State which was composed, now perhaps more decomposed, of European muslims. Everyone out of Syria except Syrians maybe and ideally, just the Christian and Alawite ones. They seemed to do fine before Obama’s “Arab Spring”.

  3. I will take a wild educated guess here, but I don’t believe that the German Main Stream Media like ARD and ZDF have broadcasted this speech to the German People.

    • I’d not trust the socalled “Oeffentlich Rechtliche Sender” ( in essence : taxpayer financed news-outlets ) to broadcast this . It no longer fits their jobdescription .
      I’d trust that man to be able to recognize a nazi when he sees one , which is more than can be said about most of the “Deutsche Bundestag” . Which , by the way , should have stayed in Bonn ; moving to Berlin seems to have gotten into too many german Politicians heads…

  4. Sadly Rafi Eitan (nicknamed Stinky Rafi for some of his exploits to differentiate him from the General of the same name) died recently aged 99.

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