Update on the War in Gaza

From Gates of Vienna:

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends the latest news from Sderot:

Although you may be reading in the news about a ‘peace deal’, the reality on the ground is different.

The past three days have seen sporadic shelling and bombing (outgoing), with continued kite and balloon attacks.


Tonight we are hearing artillery and gunfire with aircraft etc.

The area has all the signs of a military campaign in the making. We passed a field full of tanks coming in from Ashkelon today. Given that it is Shabbat, this is serious. Normally things stop at sunset on Friday, but not tonight. Expect some move soon.


It appears that Hamas’ control may not have be as complete as they would have us believe, and that a faction in Gaza is trying to provoke instability.

For those who are interested, here’s the story from Arutz Sheva on the “peace deal”:

Click though for the rest to GoV please.


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One Reply to “Update on the War in Gaza”

  1. MC capably provides what is usually unobtainable. As in: Hot zone coverage from around the Occupied Terrortories. It’s the sort of factual front line reporting that MSM propaganda nozzles avoid like the plague.

    Hell, these media wankers would rather admit that Trump won fairly in 2016 than ever devote a second’s airtime to unbiased coverage about the Little Satan. It’s sometimes tragic that so few people realize the importance and quality of deep level intercepts and moles Mossad has in place all through the MME.

    If anything, ease of infiltration is one of the few beneficial side-effects of all the clannish sniping and general idiocy that Arabs are legendary for. There’s always someone ready to settle the score with a little betrayal (or a lot). Muslims are so preoccupied with shooting themselves in the foot that it thankfully curtails their chances of doing more harm to others: Other than that which they already do.

    Another one of those rare positive byproducts is the constant internecine festivities that kill more Muslims every year than America’s best trained troops could hope to.

    NR Afterthought: Can you imagine how badly the IDF and Mossad were forced to choke off their flow of terrorist intelligence to American agencies because they all knew damn well 0bama’s Islamic butt-snorkelers would leak it faster than you can say “B…D…S”?

    With someone like Trump in the Oval Office, there must be a massive sigh of relief being heaved all across Israel. Just the gesture of relocating the US embassy to Jerusalem was a convenient, low-diplomatic-cost thumb in the eye for Islam.

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