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4 Replies to “President Trump: “Democrats have a choice””

  1. For whatever rough edges Trump may have, they’re certainly easy to get used to after this endless charade parade of smooth talkers. A President that stands up and says, “ßüllshït!” is far better than one that stays seated and dribbles it out of both sides of his mouth … like 0bama and Bush 2.0*.

    * More about that family of silver spoon blue-bloods later.

    ä ç é ï ñ ø Ü ü † — – ™ ® ° (— Hat tip: ) (Video Time Point – 00:00:00) (T = 00:00:04)

    NR: † —— – ™ • Ø ø ® ÷ ä á å ã Æ æ Ç ç Ê ê É é È Ë ï Ï Ñ ñ ó Ö Ü ü û µ ß ± ‰ ° ¿ ¢ € £ ¥ ¶

    ãsshø£ê a$$hø!ês ßüllshït £ü¢kïñg åll êd êrs ïñg £ÜÇKÏNG $h!tthêäd $h!thølé shïttïñg türd über The Narrative™

    Orwell decades hør$ê$hït

    NR: † —— – ™ • Ø ø ® ÷ ä á å ã Æ æ Ç ç Ê ê É é È Ë ï Ï Ñ ñ ó Ö Ü ü û µ ß ± ‰ ° ¿ ¢ € £ ¥ ¶ —— – ™ • —

  2. Trump has done a good job so far and shows no sign of changing direction. by the time his 8 years are up most of the damage that the left has done to the US will be either repaired or in the process of being repaired.

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