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7 Replies to “IDF Deploys tanks to Gaza border”

    • Maybe a hudna, that’s all.

      Hamas has developed a vast arsenal in blockaded Gaza

      “In 2018, Gaza’s Hamas chief Yehiya Sinwar boasted that the group had not only replenished the rockets it fired during the 50-day war in 2014, but had many more at its disposal. He said that what had been fired in 50 days “would be fired within 5 minutes” of any future Israeli offensive.”

      –R-160 (160 km range)
      –M-75 (version of the Iranian Fajr 5 rocket, Chinese tech)
      –Russian Grad rockets (from Iran)


      –Mortars (hundreds fired so far, smuggled from Libya via Egypt)
      – Laser-guided anti-tank missiles (including Russian Kornets)


  1. Their leadership has been failing Gazans for some time: https://www.aljazeera.com/archive/2006/02/200849143245131857.html The Palestinian Authority project was set up with the help of private donors who paid $13 million to Jewish settlers to leave their greenhouses intact after the withdrawal. Al-Masri said police were investigating whether gunmen from the Fatah Popular Army, who were hired to protect the greenhouses, were involved in the theft. A recent spate of looting of greenhouses in the Gaza Strip has caused more than $1 million of damage to a farming project set up to provide jobs for thousands of Palestinians, officials said.
    13 Feb 2006

    • The population is still bent on murdering Jews. That’s driven by pure bloodlust.
      With luck, they’ll kill off each other and thereby diminish their own numbers and capabilities. It might minimize the damage they can inflict on Israelis.

  2. It’s all infuriating baloney.
    “Large, noisy explosions are part of Israel’s cognitive war – to show Israelis that something is being done and to remind Hamas that if they go too far, Israel’s restraint may be limited.”

    However frustrating, we’ve no choice but to put things into perspective:

    “Cognitive warfare represents the convergence of all that elements that have lived restlessly under the catch-all moniker of Information Warfare (IW) since the term’s emergence in the 1990s. However, military and intelligence organisations now grappling with this contentious new concept are finding cognitive warfare to be something greater than, or as Gestalt intended, different than, the sum of these parts. Cognitive warfare is IW with something added. As we begin to understand more about what has been added, awareness is growing that western military and intelligence organisations may have been caught playing the wrong game.”

    A good summary:
    The Cognitive War

  3. I’d add that Bibi once said in one of his memorable UN speeches that Israel happened to be the “laboratory”, the “testing ground” for most contemporary forms of terrorism. Airplane hijackings, “intifada of the knife” (random terror slashings), “runover intifada”, recently “terror kites and balloons” (incendiary devices that target children, start wildfires), and more.

    As they say, “Jews are often the first and rarely the last.”

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