EU does the dirty deed

There is a lot of important and well presented material on this issue which has been ongoing for years but now is finalized in the EU legislature. One we hope that shortly after BREXIT will come to mean nothing anyway. But still, it is worth knowing about this new set of CR laws. Most commentators point out that they are at least as much about political control as they are artistic. That these will be used to crush those of us that win political debates with memes and other artifacts the left produces by remaking them to show how ludicrous and untrue they are.

So it is wort diving into the comments today and the past day or so under the Contributor’s Links posts for more articles on this critical, yet selective attack on freedom of speech.

And while we are on the topic of the EU:



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  1. Fight back! Use tor or better tails, the later is really simple to download and use, it runs off a DVD or USB stick. Servers placed outside EU cant be regulated by red-facist EU, so publishers move your stuff here. Its really easy to combat censorship on the internet, people are just to lazy to do anything about it!

    Remember a VPN is not anonymous, using one just makes it harder to prove what data you accessed. Tails on the other hand is mainly created for use by journalists, agents and political opposition in countries where you die if you are discovered.

    F**K censorship, red-facism and EU! Would love to live in a free country protected by the amendments. Hope you US readers know what you have and excercise your rights, so you dont loose them in the future.

      • This has not much to do with paying.
        As i know the most antimainstream youtubers are even demonetizide.People spend them money,specially with Patreon.But some people were also kicked from Patreon,paypal as well.

        About VPN-yes its a bit difficult.Also a Proxy is not VPN.Opera called their proxy VPN but is was just a Proxy.

        Im not an expert but i searched for a good one and I think a VPN in Switzerland is good,because they had strong privacy laws and they are not in the EU.Also there is a VPN who dont have use Harddrives,they only use RAM-so police cant take it.If they cut the power,RAM has no more information.

        Best privacy laws has Iceland i think.

        Also i think they are some Countries that dont have Copyright laws(Iran hahaha).

        And if EU made Upload Filters im sure there will be people in other countries who upload it as a service.What will they do?

        • The you tube creators like computing forever and Sargon make their living with their videos. If they have to resort to smuggling out DVDs or flash drives they can’t put their names on their product and they can’t make a living.

          As for the free speech portion, this has been covered many times and in my opinion is grounds for a massive series of civil wars. Using France as an example these civil wars aren’t very far away and when they start the EU will be a dead organization.

          This has not much to do with paying.

          Tell that to the people who no longer have a way to make a living, it is very much about paying and the freedom to work where you want doing what you want.

          VPNs have been outlawed in China and it won’t be long before they are outlawed in the EU.

  2. A lot of people ranging from me up to Soros are predicting the destruction of the EU in the near future. Given what is happening in France and other European Nations the EU can’t survive much longer.

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