Yup. The jihadi yelled, “allah hu ackbar” as he murdered people in Holland

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From this Dutch language news site:

“In a tram at the 24 Oktoberplein in the Kanaleneiland district in Utrecht, around 10.45 am a man “started shooting wildly,” a witness reported to RTV Utrecht. According to various eyewitnesses he called “Allahu Akbar” and left a passenger undisturbed after he shouted out that he was Moroccan, Het Parool writes. “Insiders” told the newspaper that the police therefore quickly assumed it was a terrorist act.”

Verdachte aanslag tram Utrecht: Gökmen Tanis (37) – Elsevier Weekblad

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12 Replies to “Yup. The jihadi yelled, “allah hu ackbar” as he murdered people in Holland”

  1. It seems like in the end it was some Turkish thug type who wanted to kill a woman on that tram and anybody who was trying to help her and thus be in his way also suffered the consequences. This was not a terror attack.

    • “Officials said they were investigating the shooting as a potential terror attack. But police spokesman Bernard Jens said it’s possible the suspect could have been targeting someone he knew personally, according to Dutch television station NOS”

      “A Turkish news site called the Anadolu Agency suggested that the shooting was between family members. The news outlet claimed to have spoken to relatives of Gokmen Tanis, who claimed that he had shot a family member “and those trying to help due to family matters.” It’s important to stress that law enforcement has not yet commented on a motive or publicly identified the victims.”

      “1. A Witness Told Police it Appeared the Gunman Targeted a Woman & Then Shot at Anyone Who Tried to Help Her”

      “2. Reports: Gokmen Tanis Has a History of Prior Arrests & Was in Court Two Weeks Prior to the Tram Attack For a Rape Case”

      (Thank you Razvan – a link would have helped the less curious).

      • “This was not a terror attack.”

        The Terror that Islam inflicts, is from Allah fighting Kufar to not washing your hands correctly.

        What is very common is the terror a Socialist Slut leaving a muslim Whore.

        This common “This was not a terror attack,” and ‘nothing to do with Islam,’ remains to be clarified.

  2. Let’s wait until the evidence becomes obvious.
    As much as I have read and agreed with Richard and JohnnyU, I have to say that it is perfectly plausible that this dirtbag wanted to take out a woman and anyone that tried to defend her.
    It might only be a coincidence that his actions fall on the heel of the NZ atrocity.
    I still say strap in because the Islamic world will attempt a large atrocity as revenge for NZ and this isn’t it…

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