July 22. 2017: Viktor Orban on the EU, George Soros and the destruction of Europe

I am busy restoring some of the videos that were lost to the public when Youtube swept me up in its purge of all people who do not echo the cultural Marxist narrative.

For this who are interested in being able to access them all, please consider signing up for bit.tube and then subscribing to our channel over there.

This would be very encouraging for myself and the whole team that translates so many videos nearly every day for years and years.

It helps a great deal to know lots of people are interested in seeing the side of the news that frankly, the anglosphere is denied. So often we present pure, court-worthy evidence that newspapers like the New York Times out and out lie about what politicians say and how events play out, and even how they back a bona fide Nazi party like they did in Hungary just to oppose Viktor Orban.

We translate the source material openly so you can all see what the difference is between what is out the window, and what is on TV.


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  1. The thing is that there is absolutely no reason why the West owes anything to the Muslim World and there is no good reason why they want to move to the West in large numbers other than to act as an invasion force. Muslims are not our traditional friends and we don’t owe them a thing. Once that fact has been faced the rest follows on its own…

    • The thing is that there is absolutely no reason why the West owes anything to the Muslim World…

      Ummmm … no. Ever since the 9-11 Atrocity, Westerners owe the Muslim World plenty.

      There’s a lot of the ummah out there who simply will not live any longer without having their dismal Muslim, goat-humping, Koran thumping, lives brightened up by a little canned sunshine.

      Similarly, there’s a lot of Westerners out there who simply will not live any longer without having these same dismal, Muslim, goat-humping, Koran thumping, lives brightened up by a little canned sunshine.

      Rarely is the idea of reciprocity so satisfying. It’s just that there’s only so much brightening up we can do in what little time is left. After that, someone else will decide when things get to go all pear-shaped.

      Unsure about this equation? Just ask Iran about the West’s remaining time.

  2. ‘Reeks of 1930s’: Swedes Seethe Over Racial Profiling Proposal (sputniknews, Mar 18, 2019)

    “Somali-Swedish MP Leila Ali Elmi has sparked a storm with a proposal to introduce racial profiling. According to her, this step would remedy Sweden’s perceived problem with discrimination and structural racism. However, for many Swedes this proposal echoes Nazi Germany.

    Green Party politician Leila Ali Elmi, who last year sensationally entered the Swedish parliament, urged to map the Swedish population by race, which she herself called “equality data”, the newspaper Expressen reported.

    By her own admission, Elmi’s top priority is to fight structural racism. Sweden, she admitted, has come a long way in gender equality owing to sex statistics. Therefore, she would like to see a similar solution to the racial discrimination problem.

    “I am positive towards introducing equality data, that is mapping people by race. It can be used in the wrong way, but do an investigation first and check if that system is something that can actually work in Sweden. Instead of saying that racism does not exist and that Sweden is colour-blind, it no longer holds water”, Elmi said.

    Elmi provided no details on how such a system would work, instead leaving it for experts to decide. However, she made it clear that her “equality data” would also include religion, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation.

    Centre Party gender equality spokeswoman Annika Qarlsson argued that the proposal was ill-advised. While the need for a structured work to combat discrimination was indisputable, racial profiling posed too many risks, she argued.

    “If we look at history, we can see terrible abuses linked to different types of registries”, Qarlsson told the daily newspaper Expressen warning of a slippery slope.

    The same concern was shared in a more explicit way by blogger and writer Katerina Janouch.

    “Feel the reek of the 1930s, registering people by race, sexual orientation, disability. It all starts well for the Green Party’s Leila Ali Elmi”, she smirked.

    “It seems that Leila Ali Elmi has been inspired by Nazi Germany from the 1930s and 40s”, another user tweeted.

    Another user suggested that Elmi’s suggestions bears witness to the Swedish media’s bias.

    “The fact this did not create an outcry in MSM says everything about the way the way it arbitrarily handles statements depending on who says it. Just think if Jimmie Åkesson made a similar statement”, a user tweeted, implying that right-wing Sweden Democrat leader doesn’t get the same treatment from the media.

    Yet another common theme was that of Elmi’s own career, and making it into the parliament as a black Muslim woman in particular, effectively disproved her racism accusations.

    Green Party press secretary Sofia Guerrero made it clear that the racial profiling proposal was Elmi’s own initiative and not the entire party’s.

    However, this is not the first time racial profiling has sprung up in Swedish political debate.

    Last winter, Left Party members Daniel Riazat, Momodou Malcolm Jallow and Rossana Dinamarca called for their party to drive home mapping their compatriots by “ethnicity, national origin, skin colour, religion, or other beliefs” in a bid to combat inequality and discrimination. Incidentally, their proposal was also called “equality data”.

    Despite being little-known even within her own party, Leila Ali Elmi was sensationally voted into the Swedish parliament owing to a clever campaign aimed at fellow Somalis in their own language. Elmi’s rise to prominence sparked a heated debate on “clan voting” and tribalism. Columnist Ivar Arpi even called her a “Somali voice in the Swedish parliament”.”

  3. Tehran to File Legal Case Against US Over Sanctions – Iranian President Rouhani (sputniknews, Mar 18, 2019)

    “Iran’s president also noted that the restrictions have affected the value of the country’s currency, the rial, noting, however, that they would overcome these issues.

    The sanctions that Washington has imposed on the Islamic Republic are “crimes against humanity”, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Monday in a speech broadcast on state television, stating that Tehran would file a legal case against some US officials for creating difficulties for the country…”

  4. One Killed, Several Wounded in Shooting in Utrecht, Netherlands (PHOTO, VIDEO) (sputniknews, Mar 18, 2019)

    “According to The Daily Mirror, anti-terror police were called after a man reportedly shot multiple people in a tram in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Police have confirmed that there are victims, however, there is currently no official information as to the precise number of casualties

    The incident occurred at 24 October Square, which has now been secured by officers. The city’s entire tram network has also been halted, Gelderlander.nl newspaper reported.

    The NOS news broadcaster has reported that anti-terror police have surrounded a building where the gunman may be hiding.

    According to the ANP news agency, at least one person was killed in the attack. Police also stated that investigators were looking into a possible terrorist motive behind the shooting. Authorities have also raised the terrorism threat level to the highest possible in the Utrecht province.

    “Several shots were fired in a tram and several people were injured. Helicopters are at the scene and no arrests have been made”, police spokesman Joost Lanshage confirmed.

    Dutch PM Mark Rutte has commented on the shooting, stating that the government is holding crisis talks following the incident.

    An eyewitness told RTV that he saw four men shoot a woman in the square and then fled the scene in different directions.

    According to local journalists, police are still searching for the perpetrator.

    Anti-Terror Police Officers Surround Building Where Shooter May Be Hiding – Reports
    According to media reports, heavily armed police have gathered outside a building near the site of the tram shooting in Utrecht.

    “Threat level raised to 5, exclusively for the province of Utrecht until 18 hrs. Perpetrator on the run. We cannot rule out terrorist motive. Follow local authorities for instructions”, Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, the head of the Dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) tweeted.

    One Person Dead and Several Wounded in Utrecht Shooting – Police
    “Several shots were fired in a tram and several people were injured. Helicopters are at the scene and no arrests have been made”, police spokesman Joost Lanshage said.

    Shooting in Utrecht Appears to Be Terrorist Attack – Reports
    The shooting in the city of Utrecht “appears to be a terrorist attack”, Dutch National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) Head Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg said, according to Dutch broadcaster NOS.”

    • Utrecht shooting: ‘Shot fired’ at Dutch mosque in another incident – reports (express, Mar 18, 2019)

      “GUNFIRE has reportedly been heard near a mosque in Utrecht just moments after a gunman open fired on a tram in the central Dutch city.

      Rick Jensen from the National Association of Broadcasters told Sky News: “The latest is that an hour ago it has been reported there has been fired at least one shot in the neighbourhood of a mosque in Utrecht also. And the advice of the people who run the mosque is to close the mosque and to put security on it.” Another Dutch journalist also said: “Some mosques have been closed and they are are police enforced. It’s an ongoing situation.”

      Police have not yet specifically commented on the reports about the mosque but the head of the Dutch counter-terrorism agency has confirmed there has been shots reported at “several” locations around the city

      The reports come after a gunman opened fire on a tram killing at least one person and injuring a number of others earlier this morning.

      Security chiefs say it appeared to be a terror attack, local media reports.

      Emergency services including armed police, anti-terror units and paramedic are at the scene.

      Parts of Utrecht are on lockdown with schools told to keep their doors locked until further notice…”

  5. Muslim easyJet passenger accuses airline of ‘racial profiling’ after steward burst in on him on the toilet mid-flight because he’d been in there for more than 15 minutes (dailymail, Mar 18, 2019)

    “An easyJet passenger has accused the budget airline of Islamophobia after an air steward burst in on him when he spent more than 15 minutes in a plane’s toilet.

    Adil Kayani, from Birmingham, was flying from Marrakesh in Morocco to Manchester on March 5 when he used the aircraft’s onboard toilet.

    He said there was a heavy knock at the door and he shouted ‘I’ll be out soon, hold on a minute’ before an air steward opened the door and looked in.

    The 35-year-old says he feels ‘completely violated’ by the incident, which he attributes to his Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith.

    EasyJet says the air steward was following the company’s safety procedures, but has apologised to Mr Kayani.

    He says he turned down a £500 ‘goodwill gesture’ following his complaint…”

  6. Yair Netanyahu Triggers Erdogan with ‘Istanbul is Constantinople’ Tweet (breitbart, Mar 18, 2019)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “twist the ear” of his son Yair to punish him for calling Istanbul by its former name of Constantinople.

    “You should twist the ear of your son for calling Istanbul Constantinople,” Israel’s Kan broadcaster quoted Erdogan as saying.

    “I have ways of disciplining Israel if Netanyahu’s son continues to use shameful nicknames, things like Islambol,” the Turkish strongman added.

    The Turkish leader and the elder Netanyahu had been exchanging barbs over Twitter before the younger Netanyahu joined the fray.

    “I will remind him that Istanbul is actually a city called Constantinople! The capital of the Byzantine empire and center of orthodox Christianity for more then [sic] a thousand years before Turkish occupation!” Yair Netanyahu tweeted.

    “I’ll also remind him the genocide Turkey had done against Greeks, Assyrians, and Armenians! They ethically [sic] cleansed all Christians from Asia Minor!” he wrote in a follow up tweet.

    The younger Netanyahu further retweeted a post that stated “maybe it’s a good idea to start a new hashtag to piss off the mad Turk #Istanbul_is_Constaninople.”

    He also charged Turkey with “occupying northern Cyprus” as well as “committing genocide to the Kurds.”

    Earlier, Erdogan had slandered the Israeli prime minister as a “thief” and “tyrant” who “massacred” Palestinian children. That tirade came in response to Netanyahu’s comment that the Turkish leader was a “dictator” and “a joke.”

    The spar itself began after Turkey labeled Netanyahu a racist for saying Israel was the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

  7. UK: Manchester Police Arrest Four for Comments About New Zealand Attack (breitbart, Mar 18, 2019)

    “Greater Manchester Police have arrested four people for comments made in person and online about the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    The first reported arrest was of a 24-year-old man from the Oldham area for “malicious communications” on social media, with police alleging he was “making reference and support for the terrible events” and taking him into custody on March 16th.

    The following morning a 38-year-old woman from Rochdale — site of one of Britain’s more infamous rape gang scandals — was arrested for what the force described as “a racially aggravated public order offence” involving “comments made online about the New Zealand attack.”

    Separately, a 33-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman were arrested, also in Rochdale, on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences following “a report of a taxi driver being abused and threatened by members of the public who were referencing the terrorist attacks in New Zealand” in the small hours of March 17th.

    “The events which happened two days ago in New Zealand continue to cause huge upset with people of all faiths from across Greater Manchester,” commented Assistant Chief Constable Russ Jackson.

    “Over the weekend we have had, however, a small number of incidents where people have either posted or made remarks referencing the horrible events in New Zealand, particularly online where people often think it is acceptable to abuse others.

    “Some of these comments are frankly disgusting. I am amazed how some people think it is acceptable to make such careless and disrespectful remarks,” he added.

    “People are entitled to free speech and this is always respected, however, where this crosses the boundary into criminal offences, let me be really clear, we will make arrests and if the evidence is there we will seek the prosecution of those involved.”

    Local people have also shown solidarity with the Muslim community in Manchester, however, with a picture of Christian charity worker standing outside a mosque during Friday prayers reading “You are my friends. I will keep watch while you pray” going viral on social media…”

  8. Iraqi who allegedly killed US troops charged in Germany (abcnews, Mar 18, 2019)

    “German authorities have charged three Iraqi men with membership in a terrorist organization on allegations they fought for the Islamic State group in their home country, including one suspected of attacks that killed American soldiers.

    Federal prosecutors said Monday Mohammed Rafea Yassen Y., whose last name wasn’t given for privacy reasons, joined IS in his hometown of Rutba.

    The 28-year-old is accused of 13 bomb attacks in the city from 2006-2008, causing death and injuries to “U.S. forces, the Iraqi army, local police and civilians.” He also faces war crimes and accessory to murder charges.

    Muqatil Ahmed Osman A., 29, and Hasan Sabbar Khazaal K., 27, are both suspected of fighting for IS.

    They came to Germany in 2015 and have been in custody since they were arrested last summer.”

  9. Shock as ‘F**k Islam’ Graffiti Defaces Helsinki Mosque (PHOTO) (sputniknews, Mar 18, 2019)

    “The attackers have covered the walls of Mellunmäki mosque, one of Finland’s largest, with hateful remarks such as “rapers” (sic) and “f**k Islam”.

    The Shia-Muslim Mellunmäki mosque in eastern Helsinki has been vandalised not once, but twice in a single week, as affronts to the Islamic religion and its practitioners were spray-painted onto its walls, national broadcaster Yle reported.

    On two consecutive days last week, inscriptions “rapers” and “f**k Islam” appeared on the outside of the Salamat charity’s prayer room.

    The perpetrator was reportedly caught on camera, but his face is obscured by a hoodie, officials at the community centre say.

    At about 700 square metres of space, the mosque in Mellunmäki is one of Finland’s largest. It is located off the beaten path, which could have encouraged the vandals, according to its representatives.

    “We hadn’t really seen this kind of thing before, but in recent years it has been starting to gain ground”, Paula Kemell, board president of Resalat, Finland’s largest Shia Muslim community organisation. “It’s not a regular event, but sometimes we have two instances of vandalism in the same week, like this week. Our website has also been hacked, threats are made against us and we are sent death threats. It never ends”, Kemell added, voicing hopes for a crackdown on hate speech in Finland.

    As the vandalism coincided with a mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand, it has caused distress and fear among Helsinki’s Muslim community, the Helsinki Times reported.

    “The events in New Zealand demonstrate, that there is a short distance from hate speech to hate crimes” Mellunmäki mosque imam told the news outlet, “I pray to god that we wont have to wash anything worse than paint from our mosque’s walls”.

    The walls of the mosque were washed clean in a team effort. Apart from mosque-goers, representatives of several different religions volunteered to help with the clean-up. Heidi Rautionmaa, a pastor with the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church, said this was “all about friendship and solidarity”.

    Meanwhile, this is not the first attack directed against Finnish Muslims.

    “In Finland, Muslim communities face persistent hate crime” Helsinki police superintendent Jari Taponen tweeted. “The normalisation of hate speech also results in the normalisation of hate crime over time”, he added.

    In February, an Islamic community centre in Oulu was vandalised for the ninth time when someone threw a smoke grenade through a window, causing localised scorching and smoke damage to the building. The incident in Oulu was seen as retribution for a local grooming gang scandal featuring girls as young as 10. At present, several men with immigrant backgrounds from the Middle East are under investigation.

    In 2016, 2.7 percent of Finland’s 5.5 million population was Muslim, according to the Pew Research Centre, which also suggested that it could grow to 15 percent by 2050, given the current demographic and immigration trends. Historically, Finnish Muslims almost entirely consisted of Finnish Tatars, but has grown to embrace other population groups, such as Arabs, Somalis, Kurds, Turks, and Albanians.”

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