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9 Replies to “Ilhan Omar: A 10 minute analysis”

  1. Take a hard look at Ilhan Omar and AOC they are the future of the Democrats, and they are a warning to the Republicans of what they will become if they continue down the path of Identity Politics. By focusing on how do they get certain Demographic groups to vote for the Republicans they are ignoring the fact that all of those groups are suppose to be Americans. The politicians need to do what Donald Trump does, he talks to Americans not various ethnic groups that live in America but to all Americans. He is trying to unite the US behind the Constitution rather then buy votes by giving each ethnic group special rights.

    Remember the saying from the Revolution, United we stand divided we fall, for decades the Dems have been trying to divide us so they can win power and force us in a direction that takes our rights away and destroys our freedom.

    By pandering to Ilhan Omar and others of her ilk the European nations have sprinted down the path of dictatorship, now the Democrats want to bring that evil to the US. We must resist if we want to remain a free nation.

  2. The thing is, Richard, that no matter how right we are and how undemocratic they may be if you offer free stuff to a poor Third World woman with babies she is going to vote for the party that is bribing her no matter what. Nothing else matters. Just tell her that the Republicans are the “White” party and that they hate her because they are racists and that only the Democrats care about her babies and her religion and the rest of the details are irrelevant. That’s why the Dems are getting so in-your-face lately. They are so close to their goal they can taste it and all they have to do to win is for things to stay the way they are and for that damn wall not to be built.

    Soon elections in the US will become irrelevant as the Democrats become the single ruling party and the corruption steams ahead unimpeded for decade after decade after decade until Republican states start separating and going their own way. Isn’t that nice? The Democrats are literally planning the destruction of the USA. Look what they just did to Paul Manafort. The judge gave him nine months in solitary confinement which is torture. She tortured the guy and broke his health for the crime of being a Trump supporter. They’re not fooling around…

    • If you think the free people will let that happen without a fight, and a fight where most of hte military and police support them, happen you are badly mistaken. Look at the articles I am posting about the Counties and small towns in Washington State, New Mexico and Ill. declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuary areas.

      The coastal areas are Dem controlled but the rest of the nation is resisting and will fight before we allow the Dems to turn us into European Serfs.

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