(Restored) Giorgia Meloni discusses Clinton, the French monetary policy for NA, and the assassination of Mohmar Khadaffi

The videos that were targeted when my Youtube channel was taken down were very banal ones. Often having no direct offence to anyone. I think this was done so we cannot know if it was leftists, muslims or the Democrat party that organized this campaign.

So clearly what needs to be done, is to restore all important videos that expose all three for what they are, and what they do.


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6 Replies to “(Restored) Giorgia Meloni discusses Clinton, the French monetary policy for NA, and the assassination of Mohmar Khadaffi”

  1. Fiat currency is not banal, so you are right to be vigilant in this regard. In fact it is the rocket fuel to the Left’s ascendancy.

  2. Qaddafi wanted to establish a new Pan-African currency that would compete with the Euro and the U.S. dollar. He had been amassing loads of gold to this effect, said gold that was stored in a structure in Libya.

    When all was said and done, and Qaddafi died, the gold disappeared. Apparently, there was a small U.S. ship waiting in the Tripoli harbor that sailed off a few days later.

  3. The real currency is the fact that the Obama Administration (along with John McCain) supported the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies. Hillary wanted to help the Brothers create a caliphate is the reason why Qaddafi was assassinated.

  4. If any recent historical act stands out as the next Watergate it’s the assassination of Moammar Gadaffi. If you know somebody is under lethal attack and you take out his defenses that is called “murder”. You can’t just say the guy happened to die because a few rebels happened to kill him. And then they just happened to hand the country over to the very same Muslim Brotherhood who perpetrated the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001.

    Whatever the “real” reason, Hillary openly murdered the legitimate President of a relatively successful North African Muslim country and then went on to joke about it on TV. Do you suppose that Julius Malema saw that? Do you suppose that might be part of the reason he and many others hate the West so much?

    The Muammar Gadaffi story is anything but over…

  5. Youtube often deletes videos if the same video footage is already uploaded. It depends on the settings of the original uploader.

    It doesn’t matter that you changed the video by adding sub-titles. Youtube will still detect it. I posted videos of a wedding reception for someone on a youtube channel a long time ago. Two years later, after it was originally posted, Youtube’s AI analyzed the highly muffled music in the background and put restrictions on the videos for having copyrighted music.

    Youtube’s AI automatically assumes the original uploaded has a copyright on the material even if they do not.

    • I can state with total certainty that this was not the case with my channel. When there was a CR issue I got a notice that it was a CR issue. That was surprisingly rare though, I guess because I did not monetize the videos and left watermarks in so that the source could monetize them and get a whole new larger market which is English. Also it was fair use by definition.

      What happened to our videos was mass reporting of videos where suddenly they became restricted or struck for “community guidelines, NOT Copyright. This looks like the work of an activist group.

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