Candace Owens show with Roseanne Barr

Its been a frantically busy day for a variety of reasons, so its taken over 12 hours for me to get to 9 minutes of this. But you know, its pretty good. Its a very enjoyable conversation between two nice people who get it all, would probably rather be doing something else, but have to deal with all these crummy issues, and they do it well and enjoyably to watch so far.

I hope its all like that and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am.

I think it was Richard who posted it to the links. Thank you if it was, and if not, thank you to whoever it was.

UPDATE: It is a true shame Roseanne started talking economics around half way through. While one can tell her heart is in the right place, there are glaring gaps in her understanding of how things work. When a person makes billions honestly, they HAVE given back, because those billions represent value to other people or they wouldn’t have paid it out to the recipient. Apple used to make fantastic computers and convinced everyone their phone-pocket computers are also good and so people bought them.

The board at Apple doesn’t keep all their cash in mattresses either. banks lend out 90% of it at any given time to help other people buy houses and cars etc. with money they do not even have. Taxing these creators of wealth actually REMOVES money from this system and overpays bureaucrats who mostly find other ways of inhibiting any potential enjoyment of life.


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