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  1. A lot of people are in a hurry to say all is lost and we might as well set back and watch society commit suicide. The people who are preaching this attitude are either leftists who want to destroy civilization or are people who don’t know enough history to know that we have been in bad trouble before and still pulled out of it.

    We get people who are saying that the US is doomed and nothing we can do will save the US or Western Civilization. All of this is BS, the US and Western Civilization have been down before and have climbed back up to bigger and stronger then before.

    The Left is (at the moment) winning the culture war, and from the looks civilization has been severly damaged. This doesn’t mean we can’t preserve freedom and rebuild civilization.

    During WWII when it looked like Germany and Japan were destined to win Wiston Chruchill said “All We Have To Fear is Fear Itself”. During WWII General Patton said “Never Take Counsel From You Fears.”

    We haven’t lost and as long as we continue to fight and can keep one or more nations free we can’t lose.


    • The people who are preaching this attitude are either leftists who want to destroy civilization or are people who don’t know enough history to know that we have been in bad trouble before and still pulled out of it.

      Thank you for the rant, Richard. The optimism of a soldier counts for extra in these perilous times.

      The people you refer to have always have been around. Typically called “millstones”, they are those who skulk around the home fires, pissing on them whenever possible.

      In the past it was scum such as Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw Haw. Now, we have the likes of “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and Panamax tanker of $h!t, Michael Moore. Like so many of history’s ambulatory millstones, they belong in the high dive pool (preferably, in close proximity to the drain).

      Curiously, in these modern times, all we have to fear is victory itself. At least, if only we’re able to overcome any reluctance about crushing our enemies as they would do unto us (but about a zillion times worse than we ever dream of).

    • I a;ways find the optimism expressed n your comments refreshing – thank you. People have a tendency, I think, to fall into “fear-fulfillment” and assume as inevitable what they fear (in this case, the fall of Western civilization). I think it’s a kind of coping mechanism, to assume the worst in order to prepare onsself for it, to a certain degree.

      That said, I fear the civilization we now have. a secular, materialistic one which has in general been stripped of one of its foundation stones – Judaeo-Christian beliefs – is fundamentally different than any that has preceded it. Without those core, foundational beliefs. does our civilization have what is necessary to resist the forces that are attempting to destroy it? I hope and pray so, but I am not at all sure. .

      • I will grant you that civilization is probably a walking corpse, and for the reasons you have stated. That is simply another reason for fight to retain our freedom, we can rebuild a civilization that is more to our liking, but if we lose our freedom it will be many long centuries before large scale freedom exist on earth. If you can’t fight for the people who are alive today do it for the future generations. Generations who will probably be bored when they listen to how hard we fought for their freedom.

        We do this because it is the right, the moral thing to do. For evil to win good people have to decide not to fight.

        • We do this because it is the right, the moral thing to do. For evil to win good people have to decide not to fight.

          Everything you mention is perfectly within reason. And, as the dogeared, shopworn urban myth fairy tale prologue so often laments, “In a perfect world… (yadda yadda, naïve hope, yaddita, unfulfilled wish, glaven counter-evolutionary outcome, oy unrealistic expectation, oi utopian whine, bafflegab dystopian whinge, Queen’s Own Piss and Queen’s Own Moan, crybully tantrum, Democratic Party psychobabble agenda item, Hillary’s combination posthumous book title and epitaph … ad nauseum) >here<.

          As all at VTB are exceedingly aware of, this is a far-from-perfect world. Lamentably, due to certain "retrograde" influences (along with their camp followers, water carriers, useful idiots, and $30,000 one-night harems), human society has widely exceeded the pleasantly flawed characteristic that Zen Buddhists so brilliantly refer to as, “The charismatic imperfection of man.”

          This excess is epitomized by how so many good people “do nothing”, and thereby let evil triumph. As always, in our “through the looking glass” era, this inertia has progressed from mere avoidance and aversion to voluntary (i.e., knowing or purposeful) inaction. Benign neglect is no longer a valid excuse when the barn’s on fire.

          A Spanish woman journalist said it best:

          After a while, silence is no longer consent. To remain silent is to lie.

          So, now we have arrived at this station on our mortal coil where it’s increasingly evident that not making a decision is, in fact, a form of decision.

          This now extends to where, equivocating about evil no longer qualifies as an acceptably demure response. As with applying life-saving first aid, indecision is no longer an option amidst so many existential threats to Western Civilization.

          Put another way, the ongoing spate of mutilation (be it done to one’s self, imposed upon another or performed upon civilizational pivot points like Rule of Law) manifests as physical and spiritual imperfections that are no longer charismatic. Nor have they been for quite some time.

          Academia panders to these demoralized personality disorders even as they are pimped out to corporate interests by the (ad revenue dependent) Propaganda Media. Even worse, these self-confined (e.g., echo chambers, bondage rigs, safe spaces, mom’s basement, isolation wards, rubber rooms, etc.) snowflakes derive artificial leverage from an enabling MSM that feasts upon the consequent human wreckage

          Modern heterosexual male suicide rates—plus an almost lemming-like self-destruction coming from within the Pronoun-Sensitive Cult of Victimhood™—testify to the maleficence vectored by this tag team of Culturally Marxist Social Engineers and elite Globalists.

          The core strategy of Postmodernism’s Brave New Attempt to overthrow empirical (i.e., objective) reality now involves a dog’s breakfast of subjective emotionalism smothered in plain, flat-out, bald faced LIES!

          Lies, I say. Not the once-upon-a-time 1960s fantasies that Stalin’s drug-addled “useful idiots” crazy-quilted over a quasi-rational (i.e., Classically Liberal) hippy agenda but, instead, digital age intentional out-of-whole-cloth LIES.

          This is why silent consent, tacit acceptance (e.g., mythical “moderate Muslims”, anyone?), and supposedly benign neglect no longer cut any ice. All of them work for the forces of darkness and cannot be tolerated by a free world.

    • Meghan Markle has revealed to friends that she and Prince Harry ‘plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender’ and won’t impose stereotypes on their royal baby, magazine claims

      Just when you thought it was safe to go outside cement in place Chuckles, Prince of “I’ll just live inside your trousers” Wales as perennially upgefü¢kêd poster boy for Blighty’s Germline monarchy, along comes the royal “theyby”. Oh, joy.

      • The revelation came just a month after it was reported that they had designed a gender-neutral nursery in shades of white and gray for the baby

      Two words: Child. Abuse.

      Spare the rods and atrophy spoil the cones. I’m guessing that this child will become a yuge fan of Chaplain, Lang, Kurosawa, Adams, and Hitchcock.

      Subjecting an infant to such sensory deprivation is sufficiently egregious as to lend bizarre validity to that Mumbai Antinatalist’s poutrage over being born without prior permission.

      It’s as if each generation is honor bound to best the preceding one’s psychiatry budget. I’ll not bet a pared farthing against this little piece of work in-the-making.

  2. Adult Content
    Inside Dragan’s Lair

    “Dragan’s Lair – Paedophile Documentary on Child Sexual Abuse”
    Lucy Witts – Published on October 24, 2017

    31 JANUARY 2019 DRAGAN WAS FOUND GUILTY OF 7 COUNTS OF RAPES OF CHILDREN AND 4 COUNTS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING – HE HAS BEEN REMANDED INTO CUSTODY AND Has received a collective sentence of 90 years in prison which will run concurrently. He will actively sit in prison for 35 years..

    This documentary was used in evidence in that case and the purpose of making it was to assist the defence in establishing a long term modus operandi. It was instrumental in obtaining the child tafficing convictions as it effectively matched the MO that the victims described to the MO explored in this film.

    For answers to some of the questions and insights into some issues – like “the bath scene” and “the pause moment” for eg, visit my blog

  3. “Pedophile Used Planned Parenthood for an Abortion to Cover Up Raping a 12-Year-Old”
    by Micaiah Bilger – December 18, 2015

    “WATCH: Planned Parenthood Doc Said She Would “Break the Baby’s Neck” if Born Alive After Abortion” by Micaiah Bilger – February 27, 2019


    “’You see,’ said Aslan. ‘They will not let us help them. They have chosen cunning instead of belief. Their prison is only in their own minds, yet they are in that prison; and so afraid of being taken in that they cannot be taken out.’” (The Last Battle)

  5. The idea that everybody is the same and can be anything they “choose” to be is the very essence of Marxism, that there is no “natural order of things” and we can all choose our destinies down the last detail. It’s wishful thinking and it is dangerous thinking. If you don’t have innate mathematical talent or the ability to focus on details you cannot become an accountant. If you have a low IQ or are lazy or can’t keep your hands off the Tylenol 3s, there is no way you can become a doctor. If your big and heavy you can’t be a jockey and if you are tone-deaf, you cannot become a professional singer. It’s all about finding out who you are and then making do with that, not the other way around. Marx was an idiot and if you try to follow his path you will crash right into the wall.

    For the last sixty years the driving ethos behind our society has been, “You can be anything you want to be as long as you work hard enough and don’t ever let anybody tell you different. Wrong! The right approach to life is to discover who you really are and then see if you can incorporate that into your life plans, not the other way around. Talent matters! Marxists always seem to want you to believe that up is down and black is white and red is green and left is right and that little girls and little boys are the exact same thing and they don’t care how much it screws up your life to do so. And they are always constantly angry about the fact that their philosophy doesn’t work and angry at reality for proving them wrong all the time…

  6. Homosexuals
    Love their genitals.
    Makes kids “Peoples.”
    Allah’s Evils
    Killing Feebles.
    Hatch, Match
    And Dispatch.

    • Is anybody seeing anything that is happening in a lot of nations?

      It doesn’t have to be the Chinese it can be International Marxism that is working through internal traitors like and and all of the Dem leaders.

      • International Socialism
        Removing every ‘male’
        Fear the start of Wisdom
        Is how these right-brains sail.

        National Socialism
        Stomping the ‘female’
        Fear their start of Wisdom
        An Infinite Handrail.

        Meditate this schism
        Follow the pain-trail.
        Unlocking your mind prison
        And the truth repairs the tale.

        Blindness will prevail
        Mini-Me Revision
        “No Child Must Learn To Fail.”

        So here we have our prism
        Far Left and further-ails.
        Violence to hide derision
        Primates without entrails.

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