I think we can safely say now we know EXACTLY what happened here. Yellow Vest interview about Facebook failure

This was an interview with one of the Yellow vest leaders during the two day Trucker/Yellow Vest protest in Ottawa. Not only did his, and everyone else’s live stream via Facebook mysteriously shut down, but while we did the interview itself, his colleagues noticed that they could not access his FB page at all.

And now we have:

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6 Replies to “I think we can safely say now we know EXACTLY what happened here. Yellow Vest interview about Facebook failure”

  1. I’ve been saying for at least 18 months. Everything is in place for a Liberal Justin reelection, although a minority government and that includes Facebook and the MSM. Possibly Twitter will join the censorship club. Gerald Butts is good.

    Scandal after scandal, Justin keeps his smile. While Scheer and the Cons fall in the trap.

    It’s amazing to see people such as Spencer Fernando & Manny of Ottawa, not see the strategy being played out.

    And I repeat: Scheer does not want to be Prime Minister.

  2. If you are right, Sassy, and I think you are, then the Conservative party led by Scheer is a defacto extension of the Liberal party.

  3. You can thank Stephen Harper and Bill C 51 it gives them the right to interfere with anything they don’t approve of, secret police.

  4. You people need to stop calling yourselves yellow vest “leaders”. You can speak for the group, if they are all okay with it but to do that you need to be well informed. You clearly don’t understand what the Yellow Vest movement is about. It’s also not about political parties. Stop using the movement to push the next Globalist.

    • You are exactly correct. I believe the recent truckers/Yellow vest movement was hijacked by the Conservative Party of Canada and most of the ‘leaders’ I spoke to were plants and phoneys. You are exactly correct.

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