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4 Replies to “The order of events to a totalitarian state”

  1. This is why all of the wanna be totalitarians want to take all weapons out of the hands of civilians.

    Never, I repear never give the government control over who can and can’t own weapons, they always abuse this power.

  2. I am somewhat torn on this situation. There has been a lot of screaming about the US intervening in Venezuela, even with humanitarian aid. It is said that this is just a first step to boots on the ground and a drain of US blood and treasure.
    OTOH, I really don’t see this country coming back unless some multinational company like BP or Shell goes in there and brings their oil industry back.
    Does anyone remember the blog “Rantings of a Sand Monkey”? This was a guy in Cairo that well over a decade ago was reporting that oil industry managers and technical workers were fleeing V because of the instability.
    So it seems to me that if we were to leave the country to its own devices, as Ronald at GOV advocates, we would soon see people starving to death. But, if the US intervenes, with as little as humanitarian aid, we will be aggressors in the mind of many.
    From a completely selfish point of view this will only exacerbate illegal immigration into the US through South and Central America. But I don’t see a reasonable approach that does not include a very powerful multinational corporation going in there and reviving their oil industry. The situation is too far gone.
    Voluntary workers and managers left a decade ago. From what I understand incompetent military cronies have been driving this into the ground.

    • The problem with a multinational going in is that they would become the government, this situation is damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      If the US goes in the far left around the world will exploded, if a multinational goes in the far left around the world will explode.

      If the US goes in we will spend lives and treasure to help the Venezuelans who want freedom to climb up on their own feet.

      If a multinational goes in they will have to hire mercs who will become not just company police but company Army and the multinational will be in effect the government of Venzuela. (The last Mercenary Army controlled by a Company was the one controlled by the British East India Company (John Company) they formed the government (although Britian appointed the Governor) and fought beside the British Army until the Sepoy Rebellion in 1857. That is when Britain took direct control of India.

      Do you want something like that in Venezuela? With it being a multinational the Government of no nation would be able to control them inside Venezuela.

      • Remember we seem to be heading into a major what where we will fight Iran and China. Possibly Russia also but right now Putin would be better off to set back and watch the fight savings lives and money and getting ready to pick up some juicy pieces after the war.

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