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One Reply to “One of Paul Joseph Watson’s very best”

  1. As is usually the case with PJW, his content was on message and on topic. What should have been a much stronger tour de force was jigsawed by too many jump cuts. It gave an amateurish air to what was otherwise a valid issue of major concern.

    The biggest problem I had was resisting the urge to punch through my monitor screen every time that pissy little Islamic whore began whinging about ‘poor little victim, me’.

    If she sets foot back in the UK, I hope it’s inside a very small room with a very big bull dyke that’s (unfortunately) been gang raped by Muslim men.

    Another yuge concern is what might happen if ever a complete list of those politicians who’re urging the reinfection of England with this cauldron of puss somehow managed to be published. It’s beyond worrisome to think about those who butt-snorkle this Manchester killer groupie somehow coming to harm at the hands of a psychotically bereaved parent still grieving over the senseless loss of their beautiful child at that fateful concert.

    Truly worrisome, indeed.

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