Ottawa high school teaches grade 10 kids that Churchill is just another dead white man

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I would like to imagine that had I been there, my question would be:

“So I can now dismiss everything Dr. Martin Luther King said as he is just a dead black man?”

Although to the contemporary left, Dr. King would be a far right wing, racist extremist. But still. It would be fun to watch how uncomfortable this commie indoctrinator of children would be after a question like that.

For those interested in where the whole “dead white men” slur comes from, please watch this excellent video:


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    • Canada is a communist polity now. My source was not comfortable even telling me which school or even which city. The compromise was city and grade.

      The reason, and a perfectly reasonable one given how things are now, is that the family would likely face consequences for exposing the pure postmodern teachings of a racist-white-hating teacher inculcating teens with neo-marxist crap instead of the teacher, who would likely get a raise.

  1. Ottawa high school teaches grade 10 kids that Churchill is just another dead white man

    Sho ’nuff. The leader who said:

    Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

    … “is just another dead white man”.

    Just like how America’s Founding Fathers are dead White men.

    Just like how the world’s most recognizable currency features the portraits of more dead White men.

    Just like how some of human history’s most complex and enchanting music all was composed by more dead White men.

    Just like how some of the post-enlightenment era’s most profound discoveries were due to the genius of more dead White men.

    Just like how a preponderance of modern technologies all were invented by more dead White men.

    Just like how a vast majority of previously awarded Nobel Prizes have been won by more dead White men.

    Just like how …

    Are we there yet?

      • Grazie mille! – S’immagini!

        Please know that I’m unsuccessfully fighting the urge to respond to your gracious reply about Occasional Cortex with its own private essay.

        Unfortunately, I just finished taking apart a chicken and need to bind the entire breast primal back in its intact skin (to bacon wrap or not to wrap, that is the question). First, though, everything needs a dry rub so that I have time to ponder making a blue cheese salad of beefsteak tomato with uncured ham and maybe a dessert of drinking chocolate scented with candied blood orange peel.

        For gits and shiggles, here’s a clip of my idol, engineer-disgusied-as-chef Jacques Pepin, having a fowl day (He did this schtick on Martin Yan’s show in about 75 seconds. Yan was gobsmacked.)

        (T = 00:10:54) (I’ve done this once or twice with a whole turkey. Each time only took me an hour or two.)

    • The aim seems to be to ONLY have dead white men. I wonder just how it will take for that to sink into the “minds” of the the snowflakes posing as leftist males. Certainly, white skin, fair hair and blue eyes (mine are green so this is not personal) as a grouping will become endangered. Strange that with all of this hatred of whites almost all other races cherish those of their own who are fairer (albinos aside in Africa) and the number of “celebrities” who morph from black to less is still high but then hypocrisy has always been the index of moral dishonesty.

  2. They’re teaching our kids to hate the color of the skin they were born with if said skin is white. These malicious teachers are imprinting our kids with their own revised version of history. These pernicious teachers are indoctrinating our vulnerable children into believing Whites are racists.

    And then we see the results when our historical sculptures are removed from the public space and tucked away in some hidden area, never to be seen again, because enraged kids in full fury who were never taught real history pose a threat to educational institutions.

    These rabid teachers are committing child abuse by taking advantage of their vulnerable young hostages.

    The same can be said about the great hoax, aka ”Climate Change/Global Warming”. Our poor kids in distress believe they will die within 12 years unless humans manage to control the climate.

    These damn teachers can’t even do a serious web search but they excel at shaping the minds of their young charges to their ‘goût du jour’. We live in dangerous times.

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