Overstock of crazy: News links 1 for February 18th, 2019

Before I get going on this list of horrors and attacks on our very method of thought, some people may want to hear about the latest Youtube attack on us all.

I will do a more thorough post soon. For the moment, I ask that all who believe our materials are worth their time to please subscribe to our Bitchute channel where every video we did on Youtube for about the past year or more still is up and working. And in fact quite a few others that my own instincts told me would not survive on Youtube.

I will say that the evidence that this was a direct attack on our channel with the intention of closing it is overwhelming.

And now, despite the warnings of Jack Nicolson, crazy is about all there is at this point.

1. Islamic State narrator, African, but held Canadian papers.

2. Fascist Google Takes Down Vlad Tepes YouTube Channel for Latest Video Mocking Angela Merkel

3. UK: Police crisis as cops quit in huge numbers

Chiefs are struggling to fill vacancies because of the rate at which experienced officers are quitting the force, it is claimed. And three-quarters of forces admit they cannot find enough specialist detectives. The figures are revealed in official papers which also detail how experienced officers are quitting the service in their droves amid growing demands and violent crime.

(One wonders, if police are leaving in large numbers, partly due to the growing contempt of the public and the retaking of police to ‘social justice’ causes instead of real crime, what kind of people will be left in the police forces and who will replace the ones with enough integrity to leave? Of course I am saying I don’t really buy the explanation at the Express. It feels like the usual half-truths of the government media complex.)

4. UK-Based Man Charged With Inciting Car, Knife Terror Attacks in Germany.

(Even BBUK now use total BS titles to deflect from the actual point of the story. It was hardly a UK person planning an attack on Germany. It was a MUSLIM TERRORIST planning JIHAD.)

5. Syrian man accused of gang rape of 18-year-old girl along with ‘ten others’ in Germany will appear in juvenile court despite being aged 22

6. Girl pupils ‘are afraid of using unisex loos’

(G’wan! Guess why!)

GIRLS are staying away from school or not going to the loo during the day because of the growing trend of mixed-sex toilets. Problems include cruel “period shaming” from boys, sexual harassment or a lack of privacy

As always please do read the contributors Links post comments for today. There is an incredible amount of material to go through that is worth the time. I haven’t even made it to the really crazy leftist ‘not allowed to say men and women are different’ stuff that inspired the title and the Jack Nicolson video yet. Much to do before tomorrow’s giant truck protest in Ottawa.

But do look.

Thank you M, Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, and all who sent in materials and there are many of you.

We must be making a difference or they wouldn’t be so afraid of us they watched and reported every video we had to try and shut us down. So everyone, just keep doing what you are doing. We have them on the run. Look at Trudeau’s government just for openers.

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4 Replies to “Overstock of crazy: News links 1 for February 18th, 2019”

  1. 3. “One officer told me: “I can’t tell you the last time I went to a crime,” while another said “it’s 30% crime, 70% social work”. When asked what skills they needed to be police officers, they replied it was communication and empathy rather than authority and physical strength. These skills better suited what some saw as their role – “mobile marriage guidance counsellor”, “Jeremy Kyle” or “glorified security guards”.”

  2. 3……..I am wondering if there is a stealth purge of Whitehall dissenters occurring in the UK police and armed forces (mostly army). I have NO proof but just a collection of comments by people involved. Alone they mean nothing . But looking at them overall, it seems to fit. In addition, I believe that both groups are now blatantly targeting muslims and leftists as candidates and that your ideological views determine your entry chances.
    If this is correct, the UK like Germany and Turkey is trying to head off a military coup,as well as tightening up the reins of their police state.

  3. Simple the punishment should reflect the medieval mindset of the perpetrators. First of all it has to be public. Secondly it should be castration not with a knife but with a hammer. Cauterizing the offending area should be the ONLY medical treatment allowed. Since sharia law supposedly statement the female must have four male witnesses to the rape. Then the punishment should extend laterally out to 3rd or 4th cousins also up and down four generations if they are alive. Then rape by muslim males would cease in the western world fairly quickly.

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