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4 Replies to “Maxime Bernier is asked what he will do for Muslims”

    • I do too: it was a great and accurate answer. Unfortunately, he just lost 5000 potential votes; identity politics in general, not just mass muslim immigration itself, has fatally weakened Canada.

  1. Much as I am highly sceptical about the integrity of Quebec politicians in general, Bernier hit the nail on the head with this one. Imagine the pure appeasing gobbledegook that Turdeau would be spouting, if asked the same question.

  2. Max Bernier is a breath of fresh air. I wish we had someone like him running in the next provincial election in Alberta but we will get stuck with Jason Kenney as our Premier. He really should be a member of the Liberal, NDP or Communist parties. Red tories are of no use to real conservatives.

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