A quick glimpse of some news and oddities in the news

Today as as is the case for most Saturdays recently, the focus is on the Yellow Vest movement. Everywhere now, as well as France. But especially France.

There are some other news items of importance though, as always.

Some odd ones like this:

Man wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him ‘without his consent’ as part of ‘anti-natalist’ movement that says having children is morally wrong

I profoundly hope he wins this suit. It will prove that unborn babies have full rights under the law and are people in every respect. If he wins, any doctor who ever performed an abortion should lawyer up.

The judgement of course should be a QB7 type one. I think no matter who is parents are, a ha’penny isn’t going to damage them much.

Meanwhile, Tim Poole exposes a degree of social media hypocrisy. Its probably a tiny degree compared to what is actually going on as policy at Facebook and Twitter and so on, but still worth hearing.

Scott Adams, who wrote the really fun little book, ‘God’s Debris’, recommends the movie, Hoaxed. 

Yemen. Two men are shot to death for raping and killing a young boy.

This video does not show the execution. But it does show a medieval baying crowd of allah ackbarists howling like burger fans at a bull fight.

Killing these guys for raping and murdering and dismembering a child doesn’t upset me that much. Its the process of determining guilt, the unfairness of the law in terms of how they treat women who have been raped and killed, and the blood lust of the audience. But I suppose we may as well get used to it. As others observed, in order to fight barbarism its often necessary to become barbarians. Then the only question is, can we come back from that?

Well we have before.

The video below is of major importance. An Egyptian official on TV explaining that Turkey in fact carried out the genocide of the Armenian Christians. It is a geopolitical nuke. I am trying to find someone to help us subtitle it in English but Arabic translators are hard to find.

Leave a comment if you can help us translate this into 4 second timed English titles please.

This is what I have on it:

BREAKING NEWS! Egyptian TV channel “Sada El Balad” talks about Erdogan and mentions that his forefathers massacred 1.5 Million innocent Armenians in 1915 in the first bloody Genocide of the 20th Century, also deported 600 thousand Armenians from their cities and villages to the desert for them to die.


It also mentions that the Genocide started from the days of bloody Sultan Hamid and it involved the elimination of Armenian intellectuals, doctors, poets, community leaders and members of parliament. It mentions that French President Emanuel Macron recently declared April 24 1915 as a day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide! It concludes that there is no difference between Erdogan and present day Turkey and Sultan Hamid and Ottoman Empire. Egyptian TV Host said: “Erdogan is a criminal and a murdered like his ancestors”

There is of course, an endless string of islamic acts of murder and brutality designed for the advancement of global Islamic manifest destiny.

Please search the comments for any posts by Wrath of Khan among others who post a great concentration of events people need to know to have some kind of model of what is taking place around the world.

There will be more later today and look out for the Yellow vest post going up at around 10:00 ET


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10 Replies to “A quick glimpse of some news and oddities in the news”

  1. Islam has always pandered to the baser human instincts and this crowd is typical. you should watch their faces at a stoning, especially the women if it is an adulteress as they really love to see her shredded by those 500mg “stones”. They absolutely love depressed fractures of the skull as the victim then has epileptic fits and bobs and weaves and makes a real game of it. Unfortunately, while we do not have to bay and cheer someone else’s death like they do, we well may have to welcome death visiting many of them before sanity regains control of mankind. In a sharia world the Friday post prayers spread of blood stained sand will be in every city and every town and village and the crowd will cheer the same way…humour has its origins in a feeling of relief when something nasty happens to someone else and not you and that was why slapstick was the first kind of humour. The dark age beckons and the good men and women still do nothing but talk as the clock runs down.

  2. The Egytpian video is interesting and I’d really like to see it translated. I’m not sure however it’s such a bombshell, because:
    1) There are no countries that deny the Armenian genocide apart from Turkey and Azarbeijan (where massacres also took place). Most avoid recognizing it as a genocide though (which would have legal implications), and prefer not to talk about it.
    2) Egypt’s current gov has no love for Erdogan, since he harbors Muslim Brotherhood members who fled Egypt. He also supports Hamas, which is hostile to current Egyptian gov.
    In fact, the whole ME hates Erdogan’s guts right now, because of both MB and his warmongering.

      • It’s the timing that’s right. And who better than Egypt, fighting off jihadis in Sinai, filtered in through Libya and Sudan? Trained and equipped by Turkey and Qatar.

        This Turk is a génocidaire wannabe.
        His dog-whistles direct bloodlust at an entire ethnicity: KURDS, defined linguistically and genetically. They’re a real Mideast hodgepodge – implicitly secular, politically pragmatic.

        The Turk has whipped up neo-Ottoman frenzy that sounds eerily familiar. Kurds are dehumanized as “terrorists” that must be “cleansed from the earth”.
        He’s used ISIS, he’s using Turkmen (barbarians, scattered widely). That’s a monster weapon in his hands.

        NO ONE has challenged his role in the devastation of Kobane, Afrin, now Manbij. We’ve simply chosen to ignore his crimes. He’s blackmailed the EU to hold back the horde HE controls. He’s filtering jihadis into the migrant stream.

        The Kurds themselves are NOT the issue.
        There are 30 million of them, they’re tough, and they’re canny enough to work out relationships with neighboring powers.

        The point is that Turkey is once again a threat that cannot be tolerated. Together with Qatar, it’s undermining the stability of Egypt, Jordan, and the Gulf.

        Calling out Turkey today for the Armenian Genocide sounds an alarm. A neo-Ottoman regime that’s integrated with the global Muslim Brotherhood can’t be ignored.

        Want to trigger the Turk to rabid howls? Mention of the Armenian Genocide.

  3. Yes we will probably have to turn barbaric to win against the barbarians, and yes we have clawed our way from barbarism to civilization before. the question is how long will it take?

  4. Man wants to sue his parents for giving birth to him ‘without his consent’ as part of ‘anti-natalist’ movement that says having children is morally wrong

    I profoundly hope he wins this suit. It will prove that unborn babies have full rights under the law and are people in every respect. If he wins, any doctor who ever performed an abortion should lawyer up.

    In reverse order: The “unborn babies have full rights” threshold was crossed way back when killing a pregnant woman started earning the murderer charges of double homicide. Since there is no statute of limitations on murder, that one ruling greased the skids for all abortionists to retroactively face murder charges.

    Even when that procedure was imperative in order to save the woman’s life.

    This is not about any psychological cop-out excuse for terminating an inconvenient pregnancy. There are cases where, for instance, the pregnant woman has a third kidney—(makes you very popular in the family, from what I’ve been led to understand)—and even just two trimesters of pregnancy can crush the superfluous organ, which can kill the mother.

    Even the doctor who had saved that woman’s life could face post facto murder charges.

    All I ask is that people think the entire matter through very carefully.

    As to this anti-Natalist foofaraw, the entire concept hinges on a complete and total absurdity. It doesn’t matter whether or not a child asked to be born. Just as it matters not about getting an unborn’s prior permission.


    NOTE: — There are indications the author may be of Hindu origin. Ergo, a possible belief in reincarnation may underlie rationalizing prior permission via the aether from the soul in its pre-conception state. With that picayune outlier noted and dismissed faster than a holiday eve kindergarten class, we continue. —

    This entire “didn’t ask to be born” Springer-Show daytime-drama cum appeal to emotion not only defies every scintilla of logic, it epitomizes the growing death obsession of recent generations.

    Be it death metal music, wearing black (bloc), death symbology tattoos, self-mutilation and piercing—or just the massive modern-day increase in child and teen suicide rates—there is something rotten in Denmark and it’s called:


    This is the ne plus ultra of mordant, cynical, pessimism. It appears to inform Goth attitudes, punk rock, tattoo artists everywhere, cutters, non-binary lifestyles, grunge, huffers, celebrities, all of (c)rap thug culcha, modern cinema, especially Cultural Marxism, along with its own latest bridesmaid, Postmodernism, even as it infects misanthropes, criminals, psychopaths, terrorists, rapists, pimps, swindlers, vandals, retards, and petty criminals alike.

    It would be a worthwhile scientific endeavor to clinically measure how many individuals populating the prior laundry list of modern malaises vagaux are believers in a malign (i.e., anti-life) cosmos.

    It is of no consequence to any of them that life’s sheer existence patently proves false such an absurd presumption of evil-rampant upon a ray shot field of stars. Evidently, to them life is a non-energy dependent “something-out-of-nothing” [mumble, mumble] phenomenon that confounds all laws of physics, mechanics, and thermodynamics.

    To the point: This universe is one of disturbing beauty, alarming fecundity, unbelievable positivism, and astronomical possibilities (both literally and figuratively). It is a domicile of love.

    To tar such a pristine ebon expanse with winter’s snow-crust grime of vapid exhaust is contrary to all reality. The life-giving and affirming gift of our world spiraling in its celestial coil is one of miraculous wonderment.

    It abuses propinquity to burden polite society with self-inflicted, perpetual disgruntlement.* To successfully pass off such inappropriate behavior as being acceptable requires that all around lower their expectations, if not standards, in order to courteously accommodate an individual’s conspicuously antisocial disposition.

    * Does this type sound familiar?

    In this same theme, anti-Natalists try and give themselves unwarranted permission to withdraw from reality—in total defiance of their very existence—as part of lethal self-loathing masquerading as ostensibly virtuous tolerance and moral asceticism.

    Criticizing ones parents for having given birth to you, which could not happen without first being born, is like weaponizing free speech to end freedom of expression.** This is nothing other than the weaponizing of life against life itself.

    ** Again, sound familiar?

    Normally expressed through individual suicide, recent generations are so thoroughly demoralized that a, “If I’m not going to have any fun (i.e., ENJOY LIFE), then nobody else is going to either”, permeates their mindset (hip hop “music” alone proves it). With this, the potential skyrockets for such a nihilistic attitude to balloon into one of simply eradicating the human race in some vindictive incel tantrum.

    The dangers inherent in allowing overtly antagonistic population segments untrammeled access to public services***, social benefits, health care, education, infrastructure, and myriad other taxpayer-funded benisons cannot be overstated. These hoodwinking anti-Natalists are supreme ingrates who peevishly regress well past the point of last century’s neurotic “return-to-the-womb” syndrome.

    *** One. More. Time. Sound familiar?

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