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2 Replies to ““Any level of insanity is possible these days””

  1. Well, the thing is that the Democrat women in white aren’t seeing this as being about late-term abortions they are seeing it as a lost battle in the war to keep Rowe vs Wade alive. In the same way that the NRA sees every gun restriction as a step toward ending the Second Amendment, these women see any weakening of the pro-choice position as a step toward the criminalization of all abortions, which they oppose unreservedly. Even if they agree with the Republicans on third-trimester abortions they simply cannot stand up and clap at a small nuclear missile being shot at their capital city…

    • Under Federalism Roe v Wade is bad law. Abortion is an issue for the various State governments to control according to the wishes of the voters in each state. The left will never accept the idea that anyone has the right to disagree with them and pass laws the left doesn’t like. The abortion law/right was written by activist Judges twisting the US Constitution and the rule of law to fit their political goals.

      If you read the writings of the people who wrote the Second Amendment and are a legal originalist/constructionists you will discover that any restriction on the ownership of any infantry weapons past, present and future is a violation of the Second Amendment.

      While we will oppose any attempt to repeal the Second Amendment our main fear is that if you can get away with changing the meaning of one portion of the Constitution by reinterpretation you can do the same with the entire Constitution and take away all of our rights. If you think this is a rather far fetched and paranoid attitude look at how the left is trying to modify the First Amendment to outlaw what they say is hate speech. The only way to protect all of our rights is to take a hard line on any violation of the original intent of the Constitution

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