Affirmative action and lowered standards in the Berlin police department.

Some of you, hopefully all of you will remember how a woman called the police in the USA not long ago to report a rape in progress in an alley. The Somali muslim affirmative action cop shot the women who called in the complaint to death in the abdomen across his partner’s lap out the window of the squad car. This affirmative action cop had previous incidents with gun play and the innocent. But clearly all that matters now is racist and religion based identity politics. Merit, they tell us, is racist.

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3 Replies to “Affirmative action and lowered standards in the Berlin police department.”

  1. Doesn’t this incident really show that Maduro is a more intelligent dictator and that Macron is a petty, pithy tyrant?

    What is frightening is that Macron has been able to maintain essentially a news blackout regarding the whole ongoing revolt.

    • The media blackout is indeed scary.

      Khashoggi, Khashoggi,Khashoggi.
      Rohingyas, Palestinians, Hijab-girl, Clock-boy.

      The Turk massacres Kurds in Kobane and Afrin. And we hear more about an elderly polar bear and a grieving dolphin.

  2. The way things are going once the Yellow Vests win there will be revolutionary courts that will sentence a lot of people to death so they can’t be let out later in their lives.

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