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7 Replies to “Knives planted on German playgrounds to injure children”

  1. I know of only one ideology that targets the children of their “enemy”. Historically, they murder but prefer rape, and through a repressed yet deviant and hostile sexuality that this particular ideology demonstrates. Does anyone have an example of rage “gangs” that include whole family trees of living males other than the one conducting operations in Rotherham etc, in Dar al Harb?

    I would bet double or nothing on my fatwa that we’ll find out the Mo coefficient to be high.

  2. To my German Friends: Get hold of Louis L’amour’s book “The Empty Land”, if I still had a copy I would give you the chapter but find the part where the hero is telling the towns people what they have to do to save their town. When you read it you will know the Sentence I am talking about.

  3. Knives planted on German playgrounds to injure children

    Bet on semi-retarded Muslims not understanding how the bar can only be lowered so far until no one gets through unscathed. Even the best Caribbean dancer will tell you that limbo doesn’t work down at a centimeter scale, even as Islam impatiently pushes its viciousness into the realm of sub-millimeter tolerance.

    Targeting children opens the door to levels of violence that would make a lot of ordinary Muslims blanch. In this as-always-mysterious case, however, their notoriously thin skins are unruffled by such flagrant disregard for the most innocent of human life.

    Many minds would burn at the notion of young kids being put at risk by some psychopathic individual or group. That European and international Muslim communities are unperturbed by this searing horror speaks volumes about what they perceive or do not perceive as being truly malevolent. This mute lack of distinction in the face of such barbaric viciousness characterizes a number of different and, ordinarily, very dangerous hair-triggers.

    Instead, amidst Islam’s signature thundering silence, Western fury quietly ratchets up another notch in its pressure-vessel of constrained civility. Like any reinforced, high-hermeticity container (or hydraulic dam), rarely does constant near-limit overstress cause a gradual breach. Catastrophic failure is an almost unanimous outcome, rarely without devastating consequences.

    As with moths drawn to a flame or, more recently, like those who fecklessly swarm around gasoline pipeline leaks, there is a surprisingly abrupt thermal excursion on the horizon. Those quiescent Muslims—unblanched by and unblenching at the death-traps of their stabby confreres—are about to be scalded by steaming mad Continental indigenes.

    Woe betide those Muslims (or Nafris) who continue to rudely jostle and elbow aside Caucasians on their own turf. Their’s is a thrice-told tale that has never had a happy ending to date, and there’s no indication one will magically happen anytime soon.

    That unfamiliar coughing and sputtering background noise is the White race’s industrialized killing machine turning over one more time. Whenever this motorized abattoir revs up to a purr misery and heartache are sure to follow.

    Evidently, conquista Spain wasn’t sufficiently educational for these not-too-bright Islamic marauders. When everything is over and the bloodletting is finished, all of those absorbent prayer rugs will be mighty handy for mopping out the invader filth oozing from quietened European mosques.

  4. On a playground somewhere north of Copenhagen , a cutter-blade was found siliconed to one of the slides . It was deliberately placed to do as much harm as possible but was luckily discovered by some alert parents . Must have been late last fall . It was mentioned in the media briefly , followed by speculation about some nutcase . Haven’t heard more about it after that . You do the math….

  5. 2006: http://www.israeltoday.co.il/NewsItem/tabid/178/nid/10447/Default.aspx A raid conducted by the Israel Defense Forces and the General Security Services in the West Bank city of Nablus Saturday morning revealed a laboratory used by terror groups to produce an array of explosives and bombs in various forms, including stuffed animals and bomb belts.
    Among the materials found inside the lab, the forces found stuffed dolls with wires attached to them, apparently ready to be used to hide a bomb, 40 liters of hydrogen peroxide used for explosives, a hollow jacket used to hide explosives, three empty belts intended to carry explosives as potential bomb belts similar to belts used in the past during suicide bombings.
    1983: http://web.archive.org/web/20150907055605/https://www.yale.edu/yfp/archives/83_4_afghanistan.html Butterfly bombs? are a remarkable Soviet contribution to warfare. They consist of two plastic petals around an explosive charge, and are dropped from helicopters to a gentle landing on the ground. The seemingly intriguing toys spark a child?s curiosity.

    ?Butterfly bombs? are representative of Soviet strategy: they do not admit to any difference between a civilian or military population, which is reasonable, since over 95% of the population opposes the Soviet regime. The Soviet response to guerrilla warfare is to terrorize the population, to attack the base of support for a resistance cause.

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