Canada pays them, the CBSA arrest them. The CBSA are obeying the law. Why is that news?

This is a difficult one to wrap ones head around on the surface. But right below the surface its exactly the same as Germany and France where the national leaders are running secret governments with radically different objectives and laws than their positions would limit them to.

First, Spencer Fernando’s article on something which should be so ordinary a story that no one should notice at all.

Border Services Charges Woman For Organizing Illegal Crossings Into Canada

A woman has been charged by the CBSA for allegedly brokering illegal border crossings into Canada.

According to reports, the CBSA has charged Olayinka Celestina Opaleye under section 1.17.3 of the “Immigration and Refugee Protection Act” says a CBSA spokesmen.

The illegal crossings took place at Roxham Road say the authorities, and multiple people were allegedly illegally brought in by Opaleye.

The CBSA says “It is further alleged that Opaleye was operating as part of a network of smugglers who organized travel for these people in exchange for compensation.” 

Please read the rest at the link above. But then we have to ask ourselves, what about the people the Prime Minister sent $25,000.00 of Canadian Taxpayer funds to, who assisted the migrants? Are they also being charged? If not why not? They took money to assist illegals breaking into Canada as well, did they not?

Faith Goldy did a report which is below on one recipient of this money. You would think coming from England she would have some feint recollection of what happens when you trash your borders and let tons of muslims in. Unless she is a Fabian Society commie of course in which case she fully understands what she did in GB as well as Quebec.

By the way, I searched on Google, Duckduckgo, AND Bing for the story on Trudeau paying this woman. I know it is true. I read it in MSM sources when it happened, possibly even CBC, but I cannot find it at this time anywhere, even on my own site.

Curious. If anyone else can find the story on locals at Roxham Rd. being paid by Trudeau for this, please do post the links in the comments under this post.

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3 Replies to “Canada pays them, the CBSA arrest them. The CBSA are obeying the law. Why is that news?”

  1. “Quebecers living by the Canada-United States border where thousands of migrants have crossed irregularly into the country since 2017 will be eligible for payments of up to $25,000, the federal government announced Wednesday.

    Life along the previously sleepy Roxham Road — the main entry point for migrants entering the country on foot — has been disturbed, and residents deserve to be compensated, Border Security Minister Bill Blair said.”

  2. In the interests of the taxpayer such “inconveniences” should be detailed and quantified by line item. Otherwise it’s hush money.

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