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20 Replies to “A wonderful display for self-contradictory PoMo BS”

  1. “I am afraid of that hat.

    Tough sugar, little miss princess snowflake.

    Incidentally, has anyone told you that it’s generally considered as poor taste to publicly impersonate a Chia® Pet?

      • My intellect tells me she is stark raving nuts.

        Tut tut. Pronoun trouble. Again? I don’t care how offensive this is to the LGBTQXYZ&#@ Pronoun-Sensitive Cult of Victimhood™or how politically incorrect it is to say this but, in this particular case, “she” and “nuts” don’t seem to be on speaking terms.

    • My emotions tell me baldy is nuts.

      Her overall (deficient and unstable) demeanor forces me to wonder if she’s ever been bald in her entire life. It’s doubtful in the extreme that nuts have ever played a meaningful role for her … well, cashews maybe, but nothing in pairs except unshelled peanuts.

      The only crisis she’ll ever bring to a head is a full bladder.

    • Jill Bolt: her ‘masculine’ left-brain removed.

      Abused in childhood. Where even the beta males she now sees as trying to get into her pants by manipulating her.

      Close to a mental breakdown.

      Deceived by the Diversity of everyone having separate Safe Spaces. As if muslims would not run trucks into them!

      She had built a wall. But build an actual wall, and that destroys all her allusions that emotions are her real defences. She sees in plain sight, the reality of people overcome by evil and jealousy to rape and pillage. To welcome them in does not fix the problem but makes it worse.

      To realize the woman’s experience, of every sick male entering her space.

  2. Mark Dice looks at how the Media state.that MAGA hats are now an open invitation to be attacked. From inciting racial violence to political violence.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
    “FCC has identified four goals in its 2018-22 Strategic Plan.[6]
    They are: Closing the Digital Divide,
    Promoting Innovation,
    Protecting Consumers & Public Safety, and
    Reforming the FCC’s Processes.” Wiki

    To not know anti-America activities – when it is plain for all to see – suggests the top Boardrooms have had their Diversity-quotas filled, and then some.

    Identitarians in masks do not want reality exposed.

    • Conversation with my nephew:

      Scared of Making America Great Again.
      (What the Light reveals under stones)

      “That made me laugh, I wanted to laugh at the woman because it’s exactly what we’ve been talking about in terms of the left hemisphere in battle with the right hemisphere”

      Cool. Exactly right. The calm left-brain explains there is a past, present, future; and she only sees the overloading-senses in her now.
      Blindsided, she invites her rapists as friends.

      “It was all to clear and such a good example of it too”


      ” 🙂 “

      • So, like with improving through game-sports and fitness, the brain also will change through the exposure.


        If there is no father in the upbringing (and even a leaky roof is better than no roof) then that Left Hemisphere gets little use. “Aw dad, if you say it’s gonna happen then it’s gonna happen”. What once was magic to a little child, now becomes their own skill.

        And any emotional-resentment or whisper in your ear to not to listen in return for mamma’s little favors, will shut out this ability, prevent the neural pathways from ever growing. Emotional outrage and approval is the only way the blind can travel. They change their allegience to all those will carrot-stick guides, for Prefertial Rights and Protected Identities. The new fragile and brittle male-identity of Jillette or Allah are a form less scary to them, for those males will never travel to the stars. “The Moon Landing was a Conspiracy!” And for all of them, their devils made them do it.

        No more than Cornish Pasties. Evolution dead-ends.

  3. I keep wondering about the parents of these lunatics. Do they realize that their daughters/sons are unable to navigate this world? What do they think about this?

    • Today I’ve been watching videos of Kurdish soldiers learning advanced medic skills. (A “care-package” just arrived: an Israeli gift of high-tech medical supplies.)

      Just across the border from where Turk jihadis are baying for their blood. And they’re smiling and joking, enthusiastic and positive.

      They’ve been living war for 7 years. It’s all frontline.

      Women the age of this person.
      It’s a different universe.

        • You said it yourself: War is the historical constant. We’ve had a long interval of peace.

          I think we got too comfortable. Mellow, ripe, rotten.

          We’re tolerating murder of NEWBORN babies! Abomination!

          We’re begging for a course correction. Keep the faith, Babe.

          May this Sabbath refresh you, body and soul. Shabbat Shalom.

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