Fascinating new twist in Italian-French relations

The French have been pissing Italy off for some time now with its flagrant disregard for Italian borders and the migrant issues. Much of this has been covered here on Vlad. But this new leftist-terrorist info, at least new to me, adds quite a bit of context.


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  1. Look up what happened in Europe during the 60s and 70s, that is the future the entire world faces, except it won’t be over as quickly.

    Note how the world is suppose to forgive and forget let wing terrorists and murders but is suppose to go after anyone no matter how old that the left says was tied into any right wing or supposed right win murders. Forgive the left but punish the right.

  2. Please remember, folks. We’re talking about the country that harbored Assaholla Khomeini so that we all could enjoy the unique pleasures of today’s not-so-modern Iran.

    Quite frankly, I was unaware that France was harboring so many hard criminals that are wanted in Italy. Sheltering dozens—including those in the Moro kidnap–murder conspiracy (a national outrage)—of these killers really does push matters a bit much.

    As we well know, with French people, it’s all about the food. That’s why Salvini’s “Champagne” quip was a brilliantly cruel cut. Due to lactose intolerance alone, it’s quite possible that more people around the world are familiar with Champagne than iconic French cheese.

    Ergo, conspicuously linking this famous Gallic emblem to the infamous savagery of terrorism definitely is going to leave a mark.

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