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4 Replies to “suicide bomber and six gunmen attack Kenyan hotel. Al Shabaab is suspected”

  1. Big Brave muslims; Muhammad’s jihad-gang
    Big Brave muslims; out to rape and bang
    Big Brave muslims; while weak before the strong
    Socialists display their loins so all can get along.

    • Oh, just purchased The Moral Animal by Robert Wright on Vlad’s recommendation. These two cowardly animals of dimmitude and virtue-signalling who sold their freedoms into slavery.

      • PC I think your review of this book is going to be one of the most interesting things I have ever read!

        Please make sure you read each argument to its conclusion before responding though, as I find anything based on game theory requires a lengthy explanation before one ‘gets it’ and the initial presentation seems quite faulty when not fully understood.

        Still, I think you will have fascinating things to say about this book.

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