A few data points proving the West is communist to one degree or another

The first thing to know before I start this list, is that what people think communism is, and what it actually is, are not generally the same thing. And in some places where it is, many people are OK with it. As in example one, below.

The same can be said of war. We are at war with leftism and islam. But since most people will not recognize a war if it isn’t in black and white, has tons of people in uniforms, ideally Hugo Boss, standing in trenches, or doesn’t involve the usual military hardware, then they simply cannot process the changes they see happening to them, their institutions and culture and children and laws, as what it is. A war we are losing but fought as Sun Tzu suggests, in such a manner that we cannot recognize it as a war, and therefore do not fight back.

Communism is about replacing socratic thought with a set of pre-accepted conclusions and then eliminating any mode of thought that might contradict these axioms. These conclusions must also be collectivist at the expense of all individualism and must use the language of equality in order to distort the image of what people are in their own minds, to remake humanity altogether into something new, and something it is most certainly not.

The idea that communism exists to make things better for humanity, is patently laughable. It never was and never will be. It is to destroy humanity as it is and make some other thing based on principles that never worked, and likely never can, (where game theory applies. And so far, game theory does apply to all living things, at the very least.)

Anyone wishing to get a sense of what communists are willing to do to people to achieve this, only need read The Gulag Archipelago, or watch The Soviet Story, which we have posted many, many times to this site.


1. Nobel Prize winner, James Watson, co-discoverer of the Double Helix DNA molecule, is de-platformed and made a pariah for pointing out racial differences on a scientific basis that do not fit with a leftist narrative.

The Guardian:

Science Alert:

To get an idea of why this is proof of a communist system which has more control than rule of law does, watch this exceptional documentary on the evolution of domestic dogs.

DOGS DECODED from Antoan Hlebarov on Vimeo.

Pay special attention two a couple of aspects of this documentary.

One of them is how you can select for behavioural traits. And the other is how the Soviet Union made it illegal to use Darwinian thought as the premise for any science, as it was antithetical to communist/Marxist thought.

That you had to begin with the conclusion of all things being equal in the exact way Leftists use the term, ‘equal’, and anything else was a ‘crime’. What is “true” in any empirical or testable sense of the term, any scientific sense which could be said to be the product of Socratic, ie Western thought, was made illegal with dire consequences, not just to the thinker, but all the victims of clearly false thought that led to lack of food, unsafe trains and every other aspect of life in  communist nations which victimizes all but the top ranks.

In the documentary, you can find those aspects in the section about the Silver Fox bred in the former Soviet Union for domesticity. Experiments which are still used today as the best thing done on the nature of domestication.

2. Selective enforcement of existing laws and regulations to always benefit the communist/leftist notions of equality at the expense of liberalism. All equal in the eyes of the law, for example.

The Post Millennial on Islamic polygamy

Originally from The Toronto Sun but removed, here is the article at Vlad.

Notice how Muslims are not only able to break our marriage laws, but also break all our social welfare laws by having more than one wife collect welfare and at the same address. In Ontario normally their cannot be more than 1 Welfare recipient at any one address. But exceptions have been made for muslims.

It is also true that in Ontario and Canada in general, you may not discriminate on the basis of religion, against someone who wishes to rent an apartment. Yet in Ottawa and Toronto, and therefore likely every other city in Canada, there are muslim ONLY apartment BUILDINGS which are GOVERNMENT subsidized!

2a. A woman who is likely of African origin, and also likely a muslim, based on the demography of her point of origin according to her surname, caused a mass casualty event the other day in Ottawa, either through incompetence or design. As she had other accidents while behind the wheel of a municipal bus, I would guess accident. But it speaks to the racist and communist selective enforcement, euphemistically called, “Affirmative action”. Which is a form of systemic racism where the group you do not like is discriminated against to favour the group you do like in order to change society to a more culturally-Marxist one.

It is quite simply the exact form of racism that the left pretends to oppose. But as its to a Leftist purpose, they do what Postmodernism prescribes, and rename it to something benign sounding and then champion it as a moral virtue, while simultaneously decrying any other form of discrimination at all, even one based on merit, the only form of discrimination a true liberal society can function under in the long term, as anathema.

Ottawa Sun:

Another example of the same kind of insane total reversal of reason but as applied to sexuality and sexual dimorphism.

If men are all powerful and women have no power, why is the vast vast majority of people pretending to change sexes going from being real men to something that vaguely resembles a woman? Seems counter-intuitive based on leftist logic that all people want power which is hoarded by “white males”.

Examples could and probably should go one for pages and pages and pages of what makes most of the Western world at this time in essence, Communist. But one of the core tells, is that when reality goes against the narrative, the globalist-media complex makes sure that we cannot know the components of an event which go against their forced model for society. We are now all too familiar with stories where a member of a protected group commits an anti-social act whether its islamic terrorism or anti-white racist crime by a non white where the facts, names, photos of the perps are carefully omitted from the story, even when there are dozens of witnesses. And even to the extent where information is falsified to force opinion to the communist accepted one. A process known as “Pink Painting is common in some papers, where a muslim or African commits an antisocial act, and photos are retouched to make him appear more white.

Recently when a man screaming “Long live the Caliphate. Allah hu ackbar!” went on a stabbing spree at a British transit station, the media reported none of that despite the video circulating with the perp’s stated motive.

Lets have a look at what some journalists have been saying about the state of the media in the past few weeks:

To be honest this should be a never ending article and very much encourage readers to share their thoughts and examples in the comments.

This is not a trivial thing either. Awareness is powerful. Being able to spot these deceptions and changes in our day to day culture is the first step in not accepting them and turning them around to something that actually works for the greater good, rather than destroys it with a pretence to the greater good.

I know there are great thinkers out there who can add a lot to this seed of what I hope becomes a powerful thread.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

The Soviet Story. A film which should be compulsory for all students between grades 8 and 12.

PS: I had to scramble back and add this. Probably won’t be the last time I do this either. This item shows that a country that does not allow its citizens to be armed, is not free, no matter what else the nation may claim as rights for its citizens.

A recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found that German authorities had not violated a family’s rights when they stormed their home and carried away their four children to prevent them from receiving homeschooling, a decision condemned by human rights advocates as “a major blow to parental rights.”

Some additional important data points:

Jan. 15/19 The German government has arranged for the police to investigate the classically liberal AfD party, the only non-far left extreme party in Germany, who represent classical European thought and values. This is a communist/Islamic tactic to use force to forbid any point of view other than theirs.

Here is a report on it by the fully communist/globalist and deceptive, Euronews, which falsifies actual facts let alone selects adjectives to its purpose on the investigation of the AfD:

The Dutch government has tried the leader of what is now the second largest party in The Netherlands with thought crimes for doing his elected job. Specially questioning the immigration policies of the coalition formed around the PVV. In a democracy, the job of opposition parties is to criticize and oppose policies the government establishes which the electorate feels are not in their interests. However totalitarian collectivist ideologies, Islam and leftism/communism, believe that all opposition must be crushed.

Geert Wilders, the leader of the PVV, was tried repeatedly until a guilty verdict could be obtained through abuse of process, interfering with witnesses and otherwise rigging. the trials. Classical communist procedure.

Communism in corporate advertising:


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  1. This is very concerning. This is indeed a war. So far, for most of it, a bloodless war. But for how long? It reminds me of Churchill:
    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    • We are indeed in a war, a war we must win if freedom is to survive, the left/communists are destroying the last vestiges of civilization and the rule of law. We fought a long hard battle to secure individual rights and freedom in hte Western nations and communism has come close to destroying them in a little over a Century. One of the things they have crushed is the will to resist the tyrants, and this is forcing us into the position that when things to kinetic we will be fighting a well prepared foe with limited resources. We have been in this situation before and won but the other times were long hard and bloody fights. The war we are fighting is going to be longer and bloodier then most of the previous wars and during that war the last vestiges of civilization will be destroyed. What we must hold onto at all costs is 1) The idea of individual rights and liberty and 2) the idea of the Rule of Law where all are equal under the law. If we lose the memory of those and give up on re-establishing a society based on them the Dark Age we will be in will be long and very dark.

      As always keep your musket clean, your powerder dry and watch your back.

  2. Re:2. —

    Notice how building super Karim Tahir immediately backpedals through a litany of the apartment’s incompatibility issues instead of addressing any real problems? He trowels on the taqiyya so thick that it’s easy to miss him lapse into whinging about the letter ever having been sent at all.

    Of far greater significance is how this incident is a prime indicator that this building’s current occupants likely will never assimilate into Canada’s Western culture.

    NOTE: At this juncture it’s essential to point out that Ahmadiyya Muslims (as in, the Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace Inc. apartments herein) purport themselves to be in unanimous favor of permanent harmonious coexistence with all humanity.

    This ostensibly noble stance (with its intrinsic rejection of jihad) has seen Islam’s dominant Sunni and Shiite sects united in vehement condemnation of all Ahmadiyyas for being irredeemable heretics.

    To wit: all of them are takfir blasphemers worthy of death by immediate execution, anywhere, at any time. And you had best bet that this punctuated layer of oreless silt is trumpeted as the unshakable bedrock of their asylum applications.

    The profound irony of such convenient silence coming from these roundly persecuted people while engaging in the exact same sort of exclusionary behavior they claim to have been harmed by is a the sort of abject ideological hypocrisy that has ZERO place in Western Civilization. Not even for a soupçon of “ethnic color” nor any other shade of lipstick the Islamic pig has buttered itself with.

    To go on: This is mentioned because—were the apartment building’s tenants wholly intent upon adopting and following Canadian law—they should rightly be agitating for elimination of such blatant housing discrimination. It is difficult to imagine a more sincere or essential demonstration of an immigrant group’s intent and dedication to become full-fledged Canadian citizens

    Any mute response from these newcomers shows they tacitly side with maintaining an enclave mentality. Playing the least part in such ghettoization ought to bring on feelings of shame instead of being rewarded by local pols who cosset these parasitic foot-draggers as they suckle at the public teat.

  3. Dogs

    “She is being a guard dog’ – Putin jokes as his pet barks at Japanese journalists”
    RT – Published on December 13, 2016

    • Comment Section: Ouija1210 explains:

      Well, for those who can’t read diplomatic language I will translate this for you: The main goal of this Japanese delegation to Russia was to try and convince Putin to allow the return of Kuril Islands. These were the islands taken by USSR in 1945 and at one point belong to Japan. USSR defeated Japan and took the Kuril Islands as spoils of war and to ensure that Japanese will never again mass military on them to threaten eastern USSR. However Russians will not return them because Japan is still under the US occupation and US has bases all over Japan and Kuril islands if returned might be turned into US military base. Putin told them by showing them Japanese breed of dog “yes these islands were territory of japan long ago, just like this dog is of Japanese origin, however today he is mine”.?

      USSR defeated Japan?
      Kuril Islands: The Spoils of War.
      How progressive and expansive was Stalin in his Forward thinking.

      Why Nagasaki?

      “Christianity and the Nagasaki Bomb”
      by Gary G. Kohls – August 9, 2016


      Nagasaki Christian Body Count

      Most Nagasaki Christians did not survive the blast. Six thousand of them died instantly, including all who were at confession that morning. Of the 12,000 church members, 8,500 of them eventually died as a result of the bomb. Many of the others were seriously sickened with a highly lethal entirely new disease: radiation sickness.

      Located near the cathedral were three orders of nuns and a Christian girl’s school. They all disappeared into black smoke or became chunks of charcoal. Tens of thousands of other innocent non-Christian non-combatants also died instantly, and many more were mortally or incurably wounded. Some of the original victims (and their progeny) are still suffering from the trans-generational malignancies and immune deficiencies caused by the deadly plutonium and other radioactive isotopes produced by the bomb.

      And here is one of the most important ironies: What the Japanese Imperial government could not do in 250 years of persecution (i.e., to destroy Japanese Christianity) American Christians did in mere seconds.

      “The very fact that in World War II we chose to fight in alliance with one form of totalitarianism against the other two forms, though all were intrinsically wicked, proves not only the basic sympathy between Western materialism and communism but also the grave mistake of trying to drive the Devil out with Beelzebub. – Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

      “Warning to the West (Words of Warning to the Western World)”
      Alexander Solzhenitsyn – June 30, 1975


      We have a Russian proverb: “Do not call a wolf to help you against the dogs.” If dogs are attacking and tearing at you, fight against the dogs, but do not call a wolf for help. Because when the wolves come, they will destroy the dogs, but they will also tear you apart.

  4. Leftism / Marxism was brought to the America’s from Moscow by drunken professors who’d been duped by KGB propaganda into believing that the Soviet / Marxist system was a success. Moscow KGB propaganda agents invited influential people such as intellectuals, university professors and journalists from other countries to the “hospitality” of Moscow, got them drunk, and showed them fake representations of Soviet Marxist “success”. Then these drunks went back home and preached Marxism in schools.

    This is called the Ideological Subversion Process which Yuri Bezmenov warned of.

    By now even Christian churches have been infiltrated and subverted by Leftist ideological subversion tactics. Please share videos of Yuri Bezmenov, Soviet defector and former KGB, to expose the Marxist lie.

    “Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation (Full Length)” youtube

  5. I feel very sad when I see commercials like the Gillette commercial. I am the female of the household with a husband and two sons. I have the buying power in this household and believe me, I might not even talk to my husband about this but I WILL NEVER BUY A GILLETTE PRODUCT AGAIN!
    “Hey honey, I switched you to the dollar shave club.”
    “Yeah, OK…”
    He doesn’t even need to know about my cultural objection to this attack on men.

    • I have the buying power in this household and believe me, I might not even talk to my husband about this but I WILL NEVER BUY A GILLETTE PRODUCT AGAIN!

      Kudos, Babs. As consumers, this is the most effective (if, perhaps, the only) way of voting. When these greedy, PoMo stroking corporate swine suddenly notice their wallets shrinking, then the real shrieking begins!

      Sane minds cannot bring these treasonous multinational bastards to their collective knees a moment too soon.

      While others have done so in the past, no ad in recent memory crossed so many lines in the sand, so hastily and so unashamedly. The misandry oozes from every yeast-infected pore of this spermicidal Madison Avenue puss bucket.

      It can only be hoped that some overcompensated client account executive was sacked due to this little fiasco. Having to garage his Roller and skulk around in the Bentley will likely prove a hellish, deeply scarring life lesson. So be it.

      The longer that this advertising blunder twists in the breeze, the better everything gets. Pour encouragé les autres and all that rot. Gillette’s below-the-belt jab at manhood has gotten them pricked from my list of acceptable purveyors.

      Mind you, this is at no small cost as Lemon-Lime Foamy was my all-time favorite Goo* for a CCS or SAS and the rare DFS but, sadly, never truly BBS.

      * See the earnest (but inadvertently hilarious) Shaving Slang and Terms at Rough and Tumble Gentleman.

  6. A recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found that German authorities had not violated a family’s rights when they stormed their home and carried away their four children to prevent them from receiving homeschooling, a decision condemned by human rights advocates as “a major blow to parental rights.”

    There was a case a few years ago of a German couple seeking asylum in the US because the German gov’t wouldn’t allow them to home school their children. They were denied and sent back to Germany.
    Tell me that that was not a political decision and I will tell you that pigs actually fly.
    I took a look at Google and it appears that the family has been allowed to stay in TN. I don’t even know if that’s true due to Google filtering…

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