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9 Replies to “Tear gas rains down on seemingly benign crowd from HELICOPTERS”

  1. If a policeman is shot, things will really escalate. This shooting could be done by anyone, for many purposes. Some may believe that the police need to be able to shoot back to truly end the yellow vest movement. Or it could be done by a supporter of other factions simply to destabilize France. An Islamist terrorist could do it, an Antifa, anybody. But the French powder keg is ready for a spark. This is a situation ripe for a classic false flag operation, or just the fractal hand of history moved by a lone lunatic. In any case, the powder keg awaits the spark, and many people, (inside the govt and out), must be pondering their options and outcomes. A single shot from a balcony could set France on fire.

    • All it takes is one incident, and an Agent Provocateur is the logical next step to Macron trying to use force to shut down the protests.

      Once France explodes, and I think is is going to explode, the violence will spread to every nation in the West.

    • If you have more, please post it to the Contributor’s links post for that day, anytime! Did you take that footage? Can you tell us more about it if you did?

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