Presser with Viktor Orban that generated so much news

These are the portions of interest to an international audience. We didn’t do local politics, but stuck to issues of the media, international issues, migration, George Soros and so on.

The questions from the press were quite good but one nervous seemingly Irish reporter who was clearly there to push a leftist narrative was amusing.

Please enjoy. This is a great 20 minute or so.

Many thanks to CrossWare for this herculean job.

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3 Replies to “Presser with Viktor Orban that generated so much news”

  1. Thank you CrossWare!!! What a massive job you guys did to translate, edit and subtitile this. Epic.

    I am a little confusef with the use of the word “liberal” by Mr. Orban. Would “progressive” not be a more appropriate word in the sense that Proggressives want their societies to change while Hungarians are quite satisfied with their culture the way it is? Liberal has become a slippery word that must be nailed to the floor, so to speak.

    • I think Orban prefers to stick with issues rather than labels and name calling, I find it very refreshing.
      I wish all politicians were as straightforward as he is.

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