Just another video of the Dystopia that is a French Saturday

“UPDATE: Some 100,000 people mobilized.

Nasty clip of a police officer pursuing a citizen (possibly a troublemaker), flash-balling him and then throwing a grenade at his back.”

H/T Sassy

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3 Replies to “Just another video of the Dystopia that is a French Saturday”

  1. that’s ridiculous. Two indications that this is a genuine, lethal, shrapnel device. 1) the way the cop who throws it ducks back. Yep, those of us who went through training, know exactly how he feels. 2) the reflection in the glass clearly shows the size/fire of the explosion.
    I stand to be corrected, but as far as I can see, this represents a huge escalation. Cops are now carrying hand grenades, and are, presumably, authorized to use lethal force against folk clearly running away…

    • It does look like you are right, the way the cops are ducking says they are afraid of getting shrapnel. I always hated it when we had grenades, they are dangerous to both sides.

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