BBC provides another data point for its policy of anti-British activism.

Read this BBC post about an arrest of a protestor. Notice how he is named, shamed and a photo of his face is on the page before ANY charges have been laid at all. Just his arrest was all that was needed. Compare that to how they handle all the Islamic or non-White, non-indigenous-British crimes, and I mean SERIOUS crimes like forcing children into sex-slavery by torture.

Protester James Goddard held over Parliament incidents

(Photo at site)

Hardline pro-Brexit campaigner James Goddard has been arrested in connection with incidents outside Parliament on Monday.


Police said a man in his 30s was arrested outside St James’s Park Tube station in London just before midday.

He is being held on suspicion of a public order offence.

Mr Goddard was involved in a protest in Westminster earlier this week during which Remain-supporting Conservative MP Anna Soubry was called a Nazi.


A Met Police spokesman said the arrested man was currently in police custody and being taken to a central London police station.

I wonder if these “incidents” would compare to driving a car into people or attacking with a kabob knife. If memory serves, we didn’t get those people’s names on arrest or even a description when there were plenty of witnesses.

This may be an example. At no point in this lengthy article about an actual attack on Westminster do they say the attackers name although they clearly know what it is, so they can repeat: “British Born”.

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  1. Germany: The newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost demands that supporters of the Islam-critical AfD party should be deprived of their right to vote.+++
    Suddenly they are there again: the subhumans who have nothing to say. The “Morgenpost”, a social democratic daily newspaper, denies these people their normal basic rights, but especially their right to vote. And celebrate themselves as defenders of democracy. Is it even more contradictory, even more perverse, even more inhuman, even more fascist? Hard to imagine.In the amok of hatred of the mainstream media and state radio against the AfD party and the political Right, it is becoming more and more difficult for zealous and career-hungry journalists to prove themselves to be even more loyal to the regime and zealous in competition with their colleagues.Driven by this problem, one Ralf Dorschel appears to have published an article in the Hamburger Morgenpost worthy of the “Stürmer” or the “Neues Deutschland” during GDR times.A series of blanket prejudices, created by his colleagues without any evidence, can be found here in a few sentences. And so it continues demagogically from paragraph to paragraph.

    Until the article finally reaches its actual climax:

    “In a just world, AfD fans would have to be deprived of their right to vote. Just as you take away the building blocks from children when they go on the rampage: Smaller, you can build your knight’s castle in many shapes and colours, with walls, moats and gates or open with a drawbridge lowered. But if you always want to destroy everything, then you’re out.”

    Suddenly there seem to be subhumans again who have nothing to say. Who, like children, have to follow the orders of the adults in the “Children’s Safe House”. Those whom the Herrenmenschen of the “Morgenpost” deny their normal right to life ( symbolically here: playing with building blocks) and their right to vote or make it dependent on corresponding behaviour loyal to the regime. And in doing so celebrate themselves as defenders of democracy.

    Is it even more contradictory, even more perverse, even more inhuman, even more fascist? Hard to imagine.

    Read more:

  2. Goddard’s ‘offence’ was walking alongside Ann Soubry and annoying her! She was even smiling during the encounter. They sent enough police to arrest a gang (which they would never dare do). But harassing ‘right wingers’ is fair game for Momentum thugs.

  3. He dares to oppose the will of those who consider themselves to be his “betters”, this is a crime for which he must be severally punished. Starting with naming and shaming and continuing on to prison and being moved to a prison with a high Islamic population for corporal and possibly capital punishment. The left is determined to return the world to a neo feudal social and political system, the article from Germany about one leftist calling for all who disagree to be punished by being disenfranchised shows that this attitude is common in all leftist politicians no matter what nation they live in. Here in the States we have the left working to 1) remove the electoral collage so 6 large cities that are dominated by the left can pick the President and to change the Senate so that the Senators are divided up according to population (like the house) instead of 2 Senators per state. The arrest with naming and shaming, the disenfranchisement of conservatives and the purposed changes to the US electoral system are all designed to ensure that the left will always dominate and rule those who are so stupid as to think they should have a say in how their governments are run.

    The long time of peace between WWII and now has given the radical left time to gain political power in all nations, this means that instead of fighting a foreign enemy on the left we are going to have to fight the internal left as well as the external left as we strife to maintain our freedom. We have a long hard and bloody fight ahead of us, this war is going to last a lot longer then WWI and WWII combined, the world is returning to the historical norm of war.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

    • Thank you for identifying the internal and external enemies. When I try to explain things I speak in the same terms. The war is complex and has numerous fronts.

      • The thing I find most frustrating is getting people to believe that it is all one war instead of a group of small wars. Most seem to think that without a central authority running the various fronts it can’t be one big war.

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