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6 Replies to “Brad Johnson Holiday Terror update”

  1. Pay close attention when he is talking about a world wide event, despite what the governments and the Propaganda Media say there aren’t several small wars. There is one great big war that we aren’t fighting as one big war and for this reason we are not winning. We aren’t losing but we aren’t winning either, we have to wake up and start fighting this as one big war if we hope to survive as free people. A lot of the fighting can be done by the locals if we will train and in some cases lead them, but we have to show that we are willing to put our people in harms way if we want the locals to fight and die. This was what the Green Berets were formed and trained for, and are rarely used the way they are suppose to be used.

  2. Great point about targeting and taking out the hazy nebulous organizers of the worldwide jihad. Follow the electronic trail back to the internet communication nodes, then send them a kinetic message. “Bomb maker’s own goal” is always a good method. The internet instigators need to be afraid to touch their phones or computers.

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