This is what the Democrats elect

One of the proudest achievements of the left I suppose by their standards, is the surgical removal of all dignity from public office.

H/T Johnny U., Amy Mek and many more.

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  1. Well, that’s classy. Of course, she’s hardly alone in her rudeness and vulgarity – among her Democratic colleagues, there’s plenty to go around. And, to some extent, they simply take their queue from the voters who support them; the politicians COULD set a more dignified example, presumably, but why bother when those who support them reward uncouth and incivility?

  2. This is one of the reasons I say the Dems are going to turn violent, they have driven the moderates out of their party and are left with the radical left as their base. When the radical left doesn’t get it s way it will turn violent, very violent.

    • Nancy Pelosi is in a really bad situation. The Dem’s Perez is one hell of a socialist-Marxist anarchist while Pelosi and friends are capitalists globalists. The fight will be among the Democrats.

    • The louder and more radical they are, the more cowardly they are when faced with a real threat. And Pelosi is in a situation to deliver.

      • 1) The fight won’t stay among the Dems, it will start there but will spread.

        2) It doesn’t take a lot of guts to use terror tactics, in fact most Western Terrorists did their best to avoid getting hurt. They didn’t mind killing other people or even getting some of their supporters killed but were generally very careful not to get killed themselves. In many ways this makes them more dangerous because they will be harder to find and capture.

  3. She’s really overestimating herself.

    Before being elected, she said she was for a two-state solution re Israel and Gaza. J-Street aligned themselves with her.
    After her election, her discourse suddenly changed for a one-state solution. J-Street disowned her.
    Nonetheless, she got what she needed from the Coexist and Leftist Jews, they voted for her.
    And so it goes with Islamists. War is deceit. And when will Jews learn that their foremost enemy is Islam?

    • I didn’t watch, don’t plan to watch these jooo-hating [redacted].
      They’re on the the _Boycott List_.
      Anything important will be described elsewhere. Not worth triggering my inner Snowflake.

    • Only 10% of the Germans who got exit visas from Germany to early 1930s Palestine chose to leave. The others figured this Hitler fellow was a just a phase, things would get back to normal.


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