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One Reply to “Candace Malcolm discusses the platform of Ontario’s new islamic party, in the registration process now”

  1. This of course is not the first attempt at this kind of thing from the Moslem community.

    Some may recall that 20 years ago a proposal was made to introduce elements of Sharia Law into the Ontario legal code. While I don’t recall the name of the individual who actually led the proposal, I recall very well that it was supported by numerous op eds written by the loathsome Sheema Khan, published in leading Canadian papers, which were oddly without rebuttal from the readers, much like Haroon Siddiqui’s numerous unchallenged posts.

    In spite of the apparent lack of public resistance evidenced in major Canadian newspapers back then, the proposed accommodation was rejected. The time was not right. The resistance arose without the participation of the major papers. It arose in large part from women, immigrant women, immigrant women from Iran who recognized what was at stake and shoved the proposal — temporarily at least — back into the pit whence it sprang.

    Have we the same commitment to freedom now, from any quarter, 20 years down the road of leftist-Mohammedan conspiracy and their useful idiots in the MSM?

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