Washington Post busts Trudeau for election rule changes that are… suspect: links 1, Dec. 27 2018

1. Gotta love this one. The background noise is right outa South Park:

(The whole thing is really. Story here)

2. Canada’s Trudeau passes laws, ripe for selective enforcement, that make elections too complex for the average guy.

(And of all places, this is from the Washington Post)

Canada’s formal “election period” is now capped at 50 days before election day, with the two months or so before comprising a novel “pre-election” period as well. During “pre-election” time — a concept that has no democratic rationale beyond government’s expansive appetite to control political activity — so-called third parties are treated with as much suspicion as during the tightly regulated elections themselves. Groups and individuals may not spend more than $700,000 on “partisan activities” and “partisan advertising” during this period, and must immediately register with the government after spending their first $500. Ottawa expects a full itemized list of all revenue and expenses incurred, including the date and place of every attempt to change a mind. […]


Things will almost certainly get worse. The paradoxical dream of a perfectly controlled democracy that inspired Trudeau’sElections Modernization Act (and the many terrible prior election laws it builds upon) is a fundamentally authoritarian project forever finding fresh justification to further constrain citizens’ rights.

3. Muslim Rep. Rashida Tlaib to be sworn in on Jefferson’s Qur’an: “Muslims were there at the beginning”

Tlaib’s statement here is part of the ongoing effort to rewrite early American history to put Muslims in it, and to recast Thomas Jefferson as an Islamophilic multiculturalist. Reality was different. Jefferson owned a Qur’an because he understood that one must know one’s enemy in order to know how to defeat him. In 1786, Jefferson and John Adams met in London with Sidi Haji Abdrahaman, the eyalet (administer) of Tripolitania’s ambassador to London. Jefferson recounted in a letter to Congress what Abdrahaman’s response was when he and Adams asked him “concerning the ground of the pretensions to make war upon nations who had done them no injury”:

The ambassador answered us that it was founded on the Laws of the Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have answered their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.

What Thomas Jefferson actually thought about Islam:

4. Turks move a lot of military hardware into Syria

5. Islam at its purest

6. Another imam in Canada breaks all the speech laws and no one does anything about it because Islam is exempt from Canadian kafir law I guess.

And this is not incitement to hate how exactly? Yet people who report on this and tell the truth about Islam are treated harshly by Western law. We have a cancer in our midst and I do not mean Islam.

Thank you EB. M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa, and all who contributed over the Christmas weekend.

Videos are in the works. There should be one or two European News videos available later today.


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7 Replies to “Washington Post busts Trudeau for election rule changes that are… suspect: links 1, Dec. 27 2018”

  1. Indian Islamic Scholar Threatens to Smash Journalist’s Head, Triggers SM Outrage

    And here I was, all prepared to believe that journo head smashing was a time-honored Subcontinent tradition. Silly me.

  2. Dear Leader invertebrate has very capable, sneaky handlers. The Washington Compost is remiss by listing business, private individuals and labour unions but failing to mention that all far-left special interests including unions will most assuredly be exempted from these new laws. Dystopia’s current rainbow colour revolution needs a tough love PT economic bazooka right through its double-crossing heart. Any such actions in the next year, before he attempts his corrupt reelection via rejigged election laws a la this article, will greatly benefit the USA. Otherwise, our American friends will have failed to preempt the formation of a Redgreen headache having a border twice the size of Mexico’s. And look at the nonsense that little Mexican fence has put you through!

  3. Canadian IMAM: Congratulating Christians for Christmas is Worse than Murder

    A certain brand of reciprocal logic would dictate that, since “Congratulating Christians for Christmas is Worse than Murder” then, by Western legal lights, murdering people in turn who—let’s please be honest about this—promote such an anti-Christian attitude is an offense that ranks below wishing some random stranger a merry Christmas.

    This unwholesome collision between Islamic propaganda and objective reality reflects the Muslim’s propensity for selective enforcement. Where sharia attempts to equate murder with yuletide felicitations there is a an insupportable point-of-departure from Rule of Law.

    Again, it’s the usual Islamic eyewash of, “Extremism for me but tolerance for thee”. No longer should anyone be fooled by this steaming Panamax supertanker load of semi-liquid taurine fecal matter. This vile hypocrisy is a direct byproduct of Younus Kathrada’s thinly-veiled, extralegal incitements of Canadian Muslim youth.

    When Westerners begin turning the tables on what is passed off as “Islamic thought”, only then will we get the mule’s attention make any palpable impression (i.e., depression in the skull) upon the ummah, and not a moment before.

    Put more simply, why not start imposing really strict sharia-based punishments (e.g., decapitation, amputation, etc.) upon Muslims that transgress Western laws? All Infidels would be exempt and have complete Constitutional Rights, just not the pro-sharia advocates. This is crucial in order to avoid encouraging the spread of universal sharia.

    As is nearly always the case, Muslims are not-at-all careful enough about what they wish for. Clearly, as with the reciprocal logic shown above, they are signaling that it’s open season on the West, even as they exempt themselves from any inclusion in that violent formula. Nature has always put a high price tag on such contradictory behavior. Why it is that Islam should get an unheralded pass on some FOUR BILLION YEARS OF EVOLUTION is a dangerous precedent for Muslims and Infidels alike.

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