Repost of the Yuri Bezmenov video

This video must be seen by as many people as possible as often as is necessary.

As best as I can find out so far, this is from the first part of of the 1980s.

The YouTube Poster who put this up reworked it to make it a tool for antisemitism, but I don’t see any evidence of that in this actual interview.

It is also interesting that when Yuri worked for the CBC, he says it was essentially like Voice of America at that time. Now of course, the CBC is most certainly fully Soviet in that it does not tell any truth or reveal any facts that may interfere with a Soviet style, dramatically communist/Postmodern narrative.

In fact he touches on Trudeau Sr.,and his capitulations to Soviet requests, and the fact that Canada’s then lack of gun denial laws allowed Yuri to be less concerned about Soviet agent threats at the time.

For Canadians, this really is mandatory watching.

This also seems a good time to repost the newspaper article from Canada from the 1970s.

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  1. Given the number of important events that are happening weekly if not daily refreshing peoples memories about the past actions of the internal enemy and what their goals are. I know that when I talk about the far left wanting to destroy Western Civilization to replace it with a one world socialist government I sound like a conspiracy theorists. Yet if you go back and read what the far left wrote (and still writes) you discover that it isn’t a theory, it is a very real conspiracy. Providing the evidence for the new viewers and refreshing the memories of the frequent viewers is helping the fight to preserve freedom in the world.

    Always remember if we lose this war freedom dies for what will probably be several decades.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

  2. Thanks for posting the whole Bezmenov video, Eeyore. Usually I just put up one of the shorter ones for easier consumption, but the long version is worth it. Much like that old newspaper clip you’ve posted, (which looks pretty cool in its ancient parchment-like athenticity) hearing from the past carries a definite gravitas. Good men and women walked long before us in the shoes we wear today, though the shoes have changed. In our parents’ day the communist enemy lurked in the shadows, operating on the periphery. Now it is we who walk in the margins. The clever enemy morphed while we did not seem to. We always seem one step behind. Why?

    I think it’s because truth isn’t as sexy as lies. Truth is always and forever a blunt instrument. A true sentence often ends a conversation, for better or worse. So often the children we raise opt for the path of least resistance despite our pleadings. It’s human nature.

    I submit that the Western Right ostrasized itself. The Left cornered the market on guttersniping dynamism. Sneaky and hyperliterate, they morphed and post-modernized. They saw what was possible.

    The stodgy North American Right, ever pregnant with truth and ever the one with all to lose, wasn’t sexy to youth. Open freedom is a sitting duck. Offering empty promises fools the foolhardy. This ain’t rocket science.

    But how to be truthful and sexy? Was it ever done before by people in our shoes?

    Absurdist Soviet-era, East European writers spoke in tongues to evade capture while speaking truth of power. I think this is an organic response to tyranny. Truth is oxygen to truth seekers choking to death. Kafka would be swinging a pretty heavy bat if he were alive today.

    Chaos cannot be captured by logic alone. It needs humor, and a leap.

    • We are the ones walking in the shadows because we have not started to use physical violence. This is coming as the left realizes that they aren’t going to be able to kick President Trump and Vice President Pence out and install either Hillary or Nancy Pelosi as the new President. Once this sinks in the far left is going to turn very violent and the right will be forced to use violence in self defense. Once it starts the violence will spread to all Western Nations.

  3. This video must be seen by as many people as possible as often as is necessary.

    Hear! Hear!

    If this video was posted every month it still might not be often enough.

    Special thanks for publishing the full-length version. The backstory that Bezmenov provides gives patient listeners some bones to hang the real story’s meat on.

    My favorite part is when Yuri describes how (in a newly Communist controlled America) suddenly dissatisfied Leftist traitors like Jane Fonda or Woodward and Bernstein would be, “squashed like cockroaches”. Always good for a invigorating hoot.

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