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2 Replies to “BPS on coming changes to Canadian symbols, economy”

  1. The false wealth is astounding. So many Mercedes, BMWs and Audis on the road–each one representing a year’s pay for an average person. Dog grooming shops abound. Specialty shops are a key indicator of an expanded credit/debt base. There’s a radio ad in my town for a store that sells nothing but different olives oils. And they’ve got two outlets. One store in my ‘hood that sells hand-made knives for hundreds of dollars a piece. Bike stores selling $6,000 bicycles (four within four blocks of eachother). Special chocolate stores. Gelato for $8-10 a cone. A shop that sells specialty teas. And on.

    Maybe I sound crotchety, but this isn’t normal. Extended and pretended low interest rates (cheap money) fueling condo sales. A chicken in every pot and a Maserati in every driveway? We soon will be violently shaken from our sweet dream of fiat prosperity. Remember August 15th, 1971:


    • When it comes it will come swiftly to every nation on earth and the people will be demanding blood in payment for the treason. While this is happening the propagandists for the left (the Propaganda Media) will be busy spreading the lie that it was the evil conservatives and rich who didn’t want to pay taxes that are the cause for the crisis that is destroying everything that makes Western Civilization so good.

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