An interesting article from a Canadian paper, circa July, 1978: Links 1, December 26, 2018

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Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:

1. Canadian Newspaper column circa July, 1978:

2. India busts equipped for terror, Islamic State cell:

3. Red Pill Germany on the reporter who won CNN awards and turns out to have been making up a large amount of his reportage.


(Last night there was some interesting events between Syria and Israel. Please see today’s Reader’s Links post for the news links, tweets and videos)

The IDF has destroyed another attack tunnel infiltrating Israel from Lebanon as part of Operation Northern Shield.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported that its soldiers located the tunnel a few days ago and carried out the destruction on Wednesday.

This marks the fifth tunnel that was demolished since the start of the operation on December 4.

According to the spokesperson’s statement, the tunnel originated in the Shi’ite village of Ayta-Shayeb in Lebanon and crossed into Israeli territory. It was destroyed with an explosive device. A notice was sent to the heads of the relevant authorities and to United Nations peacekeepers from UNIFIL, the statement added.

(If memory serves, UNIFIL has been used to broadcast telemetry data to Hizb’allah when they were firing rockets and missiles at Israel in the last war. Israel destroyed the outpost as it was obliged to do)

5. Report on Israeli strike of Iranian assets in Syria

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, Sassy, and all who sent in materials over the holidays.

It is getting increasingly harder to decipher the new reportage as its positively soviet now in much of the west. In this post there are a couple of ideas detailing one prize winning story tells and propagandist for Globalism, but then there is this, which as far as we could tell at this time, is more common:

Man in 50s stabbed in neck after ‘being verbally abused by three men’

A man in his 50s has been stabbed in the neck after being verbally abused by three men. The incident happened in Turf Lodge in west Belfast on Christmas day. Police say the man had been out walking when he was verbally abused by the men and then stabbed in the neck by one of them. He was taken to hospital to be treated for his injuries, which are not believed to be life-threatening.


A PSNI spokesman said: ‘Just before 11am, it was reported that a man in his fifties received a stab wound to his neck as he was walking between the Turf Lodge and White Rock areas yesterday. ‘It is believed that three males verbally abused the man and then one of the males stabbed him in the neck.’

That is all the content of the article except for appeals to find witnesses, presumably to make sure they never tell anyone or possibly to subject them to the Men in Black flashy thing.

After all, the article says that the victim was verbally abused. This means the reporter know how in order to call it that. And that the victim was stabbed in the neck, which means the reporter knows what the attacker looked like and probably what the motive is. and all of that was sanitized out of the article.

I would bet at this point that the victim was gay and the attackers were muslim. That would fit the dearth of ‘information’ that is actually supplied. But of course we cannot be certain and no professional media could possibly speculate because that would be beyond journalistic ethics. Unless you are a narrative site like CBC in which case its perfectly fine so long as attackers are white, in the wrong, and ideally male and the victim is anything else. Then speculate away. Or just report what facts support the narrative.

In any case, this report is deliberately under informing. What should properly be called, a lie of omission. Even if the facts are embarrassing to conservatives, this is still a problem. One cannot ever fix a problem without knowing what it is, and pretending that it isn’t a problem, always and must make it worse. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away, it makes it come back for the rest of the preteen girls and put them up as forced prostitutes, such as happened across the UK with muslim rape gangs, ignored for years.

When the next round of Nuremberg trials start, we should have a list of enemy propagandists ready to bring to court. They are at least as guilty as the politicians.


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8 Replies to “An interesting article from a Canadian paper, circa July, 1978: Links 1, December 26, 2018”

  1. 1 – If you dig you discover that back in the 40s and 50s the conservatives knew what was happening and kept warning people about what the Dems were planning and how they were planning on destroying Western Civilization. The intelligentsia ignored all that was published and insisted on finding good in the people who were working to destroy the schools that the intelligentsia loved. This problem still exists and this is a problem we are going to face through out the entire war of survival.

    • The intelligentsia was all infiltrated by then. Useful idiots who “insisted on finding good in the people” gave away the keys. Now we’re stuck with commie mediocrities calling the shots.

      The university system as we know it is kaput.

      Even STEM is compromised.
      Funding is constrained by narrow focus on commercial or military applications; faculty is subject to less intensive but similar identity preference bias.

      There’s simply less room for genius.
      And who wants to teach dolts?

      MIT is educating the pick of the litter from China, India, et al.

      • The university system as we know it is kaput.

        And we don’t have anything to replace it, none of the pie in the sky schemes I have read about stand a chance of educating enough people to be useful in any type of a civilization.

      • Funding is constrained by narrow focus on commercial or military applications; faculty is subject to less intensive but similar identity preference bias.

        I will briefly object about any aspersions being cast upon US “military applications”. Even the most cursory inspection will show that, between the Apollo Program’s Moon Shot and modern weapons technology spin-offs, Americans (and countless other people) have benefited in endless ways.

        As to STEM education, America is learning the hard way about why Social Promotion in public schools does not work and what happens with the general dumbing down of curriculum to a lowest-common-denominator level.

        A key issue behind the STEM debacle is that innovation is almost impossible to teach. Not completely out of the question, but unless your pupils are well-primed and highly motivated, get ready for some rough sledding.

        For instance, I know a retired educator that now spends her time teaching children how to be creative. The best part is that she’s successful at it. With that aside, hoping to inculcate a sense of innovation in today’s short-attention-span youngsters is another matter entirely, and orders of magnitude more difficult.

        I’ve spent over TEN YEARS attempting to drum up interest in a revolutionary new Interactive STEM textbook of my own design. I came up with the idea in 1991 and all these years later there’s still nothing like it on the market or in schools.

        A colleague of mine who spent his entire life as an educator and top district administrator has said that my approach is one of the only ways of eliminating the much bewailed “achievement gap”—that now sees young women and minorities badly under-represented in the hard sciences.

        I’ve been to my state’s capitol and the offices of local elected officials seeking to kindle interest in this idea. On camera, everyone pisses and moans about the Achievement Gap. But dare ask them to invest a cent of their political or (perish the thought) budgetary capital towards solving this problem and they scuttle away like panicked crustaceans.

        Some features of my design:

        • Provides innumerable opportunities for corporate sponsorship
        • Corporate sponsors realize direct and tangible incentives for helping
        • Can be purchased independently by the chapter or even by the page
        • Adaptable to a wide range of economic circumstances
        • Learning opportunities for for both gifted and special needs students
        • Makes successful learning experiences a wanted outcome
        • Overcomes the short attention span of television era children
        • Cues and sustains intense curiosity that maintains prolonged interest
        • Textbook users have better chances of obtaining tech internships
        • Educators who use the textbook can teach into their own strengths
        • The textbook makes learning fun while encouraging vocational skills
        • Compatible with soon-to-arrive eTextbooks and online Social Media
        • Can be made to work in almost any language
        • Encourages student collaboration and parental participation
        • Is able to be tailored to various learning speeds
        • Owning a copy of the textbook will be an issue of prestige
        • Finally, my STEM textbook will be so easy to use, so much fun to learn with, and and so cool to own, that the kids who don’t have one will be called dorks, nerds, and geeks.

        As my colleague said:

        [Working in] fast food is OK but we want our students to own the franchise, not sell French fries.

  2. When the next round of Nuremberg trials start, we should have a list of enemy propagandists ready to bring to court. They are at least as guilty as the politicians.

    There is no way we will ever get an accurate count on the number of people that have died because of the leftist propaganda, I wish there was a way to get the count and put the propagandists on trial as accessories to the murders of the innocents. I wish this as much as I wish there was a wayto prosecute the 196s war protesters who have the blood of the 2 million people who died in the re-education camps on their hands along with the blood of the million + who drowned trying to escape from Nam and reach freedom. Putting the on trial is the only way to show the kids that what they have heard about Nam was wrong and that the evil people were the communist in the north and the war protesters in the West.

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