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11 Replies to “Is Canada even a country anymore?”

  1. Well, Miriam-Webster online defines “country” as

    1 : an indefinite usually extended expanse of land : REGION
    miles of open country
    2a : the land of a person’s birth, residence, or citizenship
    // left their country for America
    b : a political state or nation or its territory
    // the country of Italy
    3a : the people of a state or district : POPULACE
    // Most of the country voted to end the death penalty.
    c : ELECTORATE sense 2
    // The government will go to the country with this issue.

    So I guess we’re still a country – if all that is is a political entity on a map However, we are definitely NOT, in any real sense, a society. To talk about a Canadian identity or values or culture doesn’t make much sense anymore. Trudeau II and the post-modernist/Marxist/islamist crowd have succeeded in that regard, certainly. Regionally, there are clusters of culture and societies – such as Quebec and Alberta. But nationally? Nope: perhaps, even without adding the poison of islam into the mix, the “mosaic” approach to nation-building was doomed to fail, especially for such a geographically large nation.

    • That’s why I started referring to Canada as “Canada”. I see no actual functioning country here and it certainly bears no resemblance to the nation of my youth and as I am from that time, “Canada” doesn’t value my input, in fact it is contemptuous of it.

      I will NEVER stand for a “land acknowledgement”.

  2. Canadians d. Or have an identity.The only identity they have is weakness and political correctness.
    20 years ago when I have led Canada was the same that it is now, except less obvious.But deeply Canada was always as you see it now.Just the garbage is bigger and tends to float.
    Icing in Canada was a waste of time.The Vancouver is dominated by East Indians and Chinese and the east in dominated by gays and Muslims.
    Center is cold and slow,and yes a lot of mosquitos.
    Terrible country

  3. Jan, forget about 20 years ago. 50 years ago is a better reference point. Prior to Dear Leader’s father pirouetting onto Canada’s political landscape, the place was quite successful. This is the first time in a while I have referred to Dystopia by its former name. I take polite umbrage to your words. It was a great, great country built between American and European genius, with a little of its own thrown in. The “Green Hell” that my father read about as a boy in eastern Europe was well underway to being tamed. And what a Hell it can be. Have you ever walked into deep Dystopia forest in May? Blackflies get into your eyes, nose, ears and mouth. They crawl down your pants and collar. They chase fully-grown moose out of the bush and onto highways. There is a reason why, to this day, untouched, unnamed lakes remain in northern territories. If the bugs don’t getcha, and you don’t get lost and die of hypothermia, something else will. I am not a great woodsman but have been in the company of a few. Even they get lost in the bush. Yes, simply “the bush” will do up here. My experienced hunter friend pulled over his pickup once on his way home. –Thought maybe he’d get lucky and shoot a deer. He crawled out of the bush five hours later and miles down the highway from where he’d left his truck. One must respect the bush. There is also a good reason why my children are too familiar with black flies, deer flies, horse flies and sand flies.

    The Italians, Irish, Germans, French, Swedes and all the rest of all religions came and worked in this Green Hell. Even the bugs didn’t matter to them because they had found work and freedom.

    When the European-extracted gatekeepers asked my father at the gates of Canada what saleable skills he had before being granted entry, he did not claim persecution. Yes, he was running from communism, but playing angles for entry in those days didn’t work. My father answered that he could milk cows. Canada needed farm workers so this was enough. After a brief medical exam he was in. The world was his oyster. He just had to make it.

    Growing up, blacks were so rare in our schoolyard that I remember a bunch of us touching this one fellow’s hair because it felt funny. So why were they rare? It wasn’t because the gatekeepers were racist–they were. Everyone was permitted their prides and prejudices. Even European immigrants were granted second-class status with the “DP” (Displaced Persons) label. (They were tough enough so took it in stride). For the gatekeepers, however, practicality ultimately trumped racism. When they needed cow milkers they got them. When my boyhood chum’s father came from Guyana as a trained agri-geneticist, they took him along with his brown skin. Canada needed scientists because wheat strains in cold Saskatchewan weren’t quite cutting it. The gatekeepers understood that being nice to freeloaders knocking on their door wasn’t going to feed them, or the world. Meritocracy is a bitch.

    In those days humans were understood to be A: Capital, and B: Unequal. Social engineering stopped after market necessities were satiated. Today, flotsam and jetsam gill netted from the sea of useless humanity is used by neoMarxist political elites to club Canada to death like a baby seal.

    This basic understanding of human capital, along with a few other smarts, was enough to carve out a fairly habitable existance from what is both a Green Hell, and a frozen wasteland, depending on when and where you drop in.

    No one can claim they are a greater patriot than this humble contributor, because no one offers more bitter, constructive criticism of Dystopia than I. In this vein I am guided by James Joyce, who said it was the patriot’s duty to criticize his country. Constructive debate for the greater good, in one direction forward, created a great Canada. Conversely, today’s Critical Theorists have, in 50 short years, deconstructed a wildly-successful country into, well, Dystopia. And we know our deconstructionists are fully aware of the irony of their dismantling efforts.

    Jan, I understand why you say what you say. The only thing missing now is that the red maple leaf on Dystopia’s flag be changed to a red star. It is a neoMarxist state that must revert to something that makes sense. It is no longer appropriate to warn people of a takeover by Globalist forces. This is done. The changes they make now to laws and institutions are to solidify the ground they’ve already captured. Most of the people just don’t yet fully realize the gravity of these changes. Those who do have already adjusted to Doublethink in order to get by. The revolution is over. Not everyone is a counter-revolutionary. The cognizant Dystopia everyman floats along now, stranded on his little iceberg, hoping to be somehow caught in the current of the American counter-revolution that is named President Donald Trump.

    Actually, I think it all can and will be sorted out. We just have to change the way we see ourselves:


    • Johnny here is some hope for you, Dystopia was created by a small number of activist, probably less then 20% of the population. Now thanks to the internet the counter revolution/resistance can do the same and since you are seeking to restore rights it will probably take fewer people a much shorter time to regain your freedom and greatness.

      …hoping to be somehow caught in the current of the American counter-revolution that is named President Donald Trump.

      I don’t see Donald Trump leaving a festering mess on our Northern Border, but I also don’t see any type of invasion to subsume Dystopia unless we have several years of cross border terror attacks from Dystopia. I do know that in every war Canada has fought Yanks crossed the border to enlist, and in every war the US has fought Canadians have crossed the border to enlist. Family that close doesn’t leave other family members to suffer under tyrants.

      • Richard, I’ve not forgotten that you made this point on percentages quite some time ago. It is important.

        Yucki, as per your recent comment about offering up your living room to Dystopia dissidents: I like my eggs over easy. My kids are well-behaved but the 14-year old boy is very sarcastic. We can busk in the street to earn our keep, offering up both musical and Shakespearean recitations for spare change. My wife is a good cook, though not terribly obedient, so you two will get along famously, I am sure.

        See you soon…may have Eeyore in tow if things heat up too much…keep key under door mat…will bring wine…

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