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3 Replies to “Glazov Gang on Obama’s real agenda and beliefs”

  1. We can’t clean out the DoJ while the MB remains parked in power. Never-Trumpers together with the “Resistence” => we’re polluted.

    PTrump got terrible advice in his appointments; some are gone; let’s hope the replacements are better. (On a positive note, the President didn’t pay much attention to the duds.)

    Muh-Khashoggi, Congress turned out to celebrate the Turk’s “martyred soldier”. The FBI did its part. The CIA’s been pushing for its own “favorite son” to replace MbS in Saudi Arabia.

    A couple of openly affiliated members will be sworn into Congress in January. In Europe they’ve already formed substantial parties of their own.

    Refresher on their stated goals:
    “An Explanatory Memorandum: On The General Strategic Goal For The Group In North America: 5/22/1991”

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