Woman on French TV makes extremely important point

I would like to elaborate a tiny bit on this point.

If I was a teenage Muslim boy living in say, Saskatoon. And my government, the one my parents adopted when they ran away from some Islamic sh*t hole to come to peace and prosperity and tolerance in Canada, kept lying to me about my own cultural inheritance.

Instead of telling the obvious truth, which would explain why my parents had moved from one of any number of Islamic sh*t holes to Canada, that Islam is barbaric and destroys any place within which, it takes root, just like communism and for pretty much all the same reasons, it lied to me saying it was, to quote the leader of a British National Socialist party, “A kind of Curried Christianity”.

That it was really just the same as everything good about Christianity or Judaism and who would I believe, Trudeau, Obama etc. or my own lying ears.

Of course I would go to a mosque to find out and read Quran etc. The end result could easily be that the teen could easily become a terrorist or jihadi, because all he knows about Western governments is they lie right to his face about his own culture and religion, without even showing him the respect to make up his own mind given the truth of the matter.

So this woman’s outrage is well justified. The French, and leftist strategy overall, is to lie to Muslims in the West about who and what they are and hope it takes.

I would be pissed off if I were they as well.

It also goes a long way to explaining this:

Muslims in Europe Becoming Less Secular, More Radical

Professor emeritus of the University of Louvain, Felice Dassetto, has claimed the number of secular Muslims in Europe is in steep decline and more are becoming radicalised.

Professor Dassetto said the secular world and its values are becoming less attractive to contemporary Islam and that Muslims are turning toward more reactionary forms of the faith, Il Giornalereports.


“There is a bit of disaffection, but there is no mass abandonment of the faith, the phenomenon affects at most 10 to 15 percent,” Dassetto said, noting that at least 80 percent of Muslims across Europe now claimed to be religious.


Dassetto also noted that Friday prayers in various mosques were seeing more younger Muslims participate and noted that younger Muslims, particularly those in poorer areas, were far more prone to radicalisation.

(Friday prayers are the ‘most important’ ones of the week where they get down to serious hate preaching and demanding jihad and conquest)


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  1. Having been up close and personal with quite a few of them, and their families, for many years, I confirm hereby that most are becoming more religious. And more strident also. It’s as if they’re rediscovering their ”cult”, here in the West.

    Females that never wore hijabs are now wearing them. And guys that never prayed are now praying 5 times a day. I’ve seen this with my own eyes and ears.

    I saw the mosque a few miles from where I lived go from almost full parking lot to their own traffic management staff redirecting to other streets with traffic backed up everywhere on all the side streets.

    Add to the list the new converts and we’re in trouble.

  2. Of course they are becoming less secular, they see the Western Governments turning to Sharia and they are becoming less secular in self defense.

  3. A kind of Curried Christianity.

    Hilarious! Talk about trying to “curry” favor.

    Muslims everywhere would like nothing more than to avenge Islam’s being equated with Christianity than by taking this British idiot (of the “useful” variety) and slowly decapitating him, saving the cranium for last. I’ll let readers guess what gets chopped off first. Hint: it ain’t his fingers!.

    … they lie right to his face about his own culture and religion, without even showing him the respect to make up his own mind given the truth of the matter.

    Truth, schmuth! What use is “truth” when it’s dependent upon the frame of reference in order for it to have any meaning? The entire PoMo notion of subjective reality’s primacy is so destructive to empirical science that there’s little or no hope of retrieving it from such a bottomless cesspit of Leftist manure. At least not without some serious psychic trauma to the Left.

    As for allowing someone to, “make up his own mind”, nothing could be in more diametric opposition to Koranic doctrine. Islam “closed the door on ijtihad“—independent interpretation of the Koran when the ulema is absent—in favor of taqleed (i.e., unquestioningly blind obedience) back in 1499.

    Deciding for one’s self flies in the face of those several bazillion fatwan issued by beturbaned shirt-lifters across the width, breadth, and centuries of Islam’s unspeakably blood-soaked tyranny. Be it how many dihrams of feces may remain under your fingernails after successfully defecating and cleaning yourself, having Muslim women breastfeed male coworkers in order to create an incest tabu, or just the how, what, where, when, and why of goat sex (including proper disposal of the now-sodden corpse), there’s a fatwa for that, too.

    Regardless of how Socialist governments desperately attempt to conceal the truth about Islam’s supremacist and triumphalist ambitions, the inherent brittleness of its cut-in-stone Koranic doctrine assures both an inability to adapt and the impossibility of establishing any worthwhile harmony with other cultures.

    In contrast, Charles Darwin spent his later years confirming and validating theories about an organism’s adaptation to natural circumstances. Evidently, Islam dozed through those lectures, preferring instead to dream of how, in no time at all, it would burst the bonds of trapped-in-amber-stupidity and emerge as our world’s guiding light … instead of being the principal originator and prime mover in excavating this world’s largest hodgepodge of hellish global $h!thøles, which it nonetheless takes such inordinate pride over.

    One day, these Muslim cretins finally will realize how being trapped in amber with a cut-in-stone legal code (that Bletchly Park would be hard pressed to decipher) does not equate to automatic world domination or even merit all of the incessant bowing and scraping that their fragile sense of collective self-worth so craves.

    At a tender age, I was taught about “the cock on the dunghill” (hat tip: Julius S.). Crowing proudly as master of all he surveys—at least until the farmer’s wife shows up with hatchet in hand—there’s no glancing down at the pile of rotting filth his scaly feet are buried in.

    So, keep on crowing so proudly Islam. Just know that the farmer’s wife is on her way.

  4. Islam has become much more fundamentalist in Egypt over the last few decades. My sincere Muslim hosts were very troubled by “exhibitionistic” trends, devolution to “peasant mores”. It looked just as toxic as Nasser’s socialism. It smelled like the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

    Reason: Wahhabi funding of ever-more radical mosques, training ever-more rabid imams. The Saudis were competing globally with the Ayatollahs as sponsors of the “most pure” practice of the faith – be it Sunni or Shitte. They poured money into specific departments of al-Azhar, starved others.

    They were also funding MB enemies of the Egyptian establishment on the sly. The Saudis are tardish fickle about the MB.
    Flexibility. Remember! Don’t turn your back!

    El-Sisi has said so, tactfully.

    Egyptians never felt warm and fuzzy about the oily Gulfies, and the influence of Wahhabi Islam is deeply resented. The UAE and MbS’s faction of the Saudis may be anti-MB at the moment, but individuals in both countries and the other monarchies in the region are still supporting The Enemy.

    (Like 0 and Brennan and McMaster and Mattis [gone _*\o/*_] and what’s-her-name current director of the FBI.)

    El-Sisi has to be very careful not to be seen as subservient to Saudis. Whatever’s published in languages other than Arabic about cooperative “Gulf initiatives” has to be phrased differently in the Egyptian media.

    Otherwise there are riots. Which are never covered in the West and barely acknowledged by our foreign policy blob. We just seem to assume that Sunni is Sunni, these are our allies, we’re on the same team. Reduction to the absurd seems to be our media’s forte.

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