A small sample of mass-media lies and misdirection

Here is a great compilation of President Donald Trump catching reporters doing rather putrid and facile deceptions:

Now here is CBC more recently doing the same.

Punches thrown during anti-immigration protest in Edmonton

A fist fight broke out during an anti-immigration protest in downtown Edmonton Saturday afternoon, before police moved in to separate protesters and counter-demonstrators.


There were only a few police officers present at Churchill Square when the altercation started, but more arrived after the first punch landed. About 20 officers formed a line to separate the pro and anti-immigration groups, comprising about 150 people in total.


The protest marks the second weekend in a row where protesters spoke out against Canada’s plan to endorse the United Nations’ migration pact. Many have also spoken out in opposition to the controversial carbon tax.

Last weekend’s protest was peaceful, unlike Saturday’s, where a few people ended up in handcuffs.

The deception here of course, is CBC’s casual mischaracterization of people who are against the total dissolution of Canada as a polity, as a nation-state as “anti-immigrant’ or ‘anti-immigration’.

Although I was not there, I know many of the people involved and I am confident that none of them would say they were anti-immigration, but instead, they would say that they prefer a system where people are vetted, and come in to Canada under conditions which are good for Canadians and our systems as a whole on probation. Like all nations to for all time. This attempt to smear rational people as racists and “far right wing”, which is now thee CBC’s main rhetorical weapon, is pure postmodern. Which is to say, next level Marxism.

Remember, at the Ottawa demonstration against the dissolution of nation-states pact, misnamed the Global Safe Migration Compact, and falsely stated to be ‘non-binding’, (see video below) the CBC had zero identifying marks on reporters, camera people and equipment. This would at the very least indicate an agenda at work, as opposed to informing the public for self interested decision making,

Here is a fascinating example of National Post misdirection. They actually managed to get thee financially unhygienic habits of PM Trudeau to somehow make Sheer, the Conservative leader look bad. This is pure manufacture of opinion, and in no way can be said to be information in any sense.

Mr. Ivison, of The National Post, has used Trudeau’s massive malpractice to threaten people not to vote for the Conservatives as they will have to fix a problem Trudeau created which will likely be painful.

All this without a word of blame for the person who created the problem.

I guess this is what Trudeau meant by “trusted media”.

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  1. Just listening to the BBC reporter continually interrupt the president is enough to make my blood boil. Did 0bama ever have to tolerate such rudeness while the press slavishly licked every last speck of $h!t off of his hands?

    Then there’s the quoting out of context. It’s nothing but selective news enforcement, better known as Propaganda Media (hat tip: Richard). The extent to which modern news coverage has become almost completely subjective and politically biased is indicative of just how far down the rabbit hole—or through the looking glass, your choice—reportorial ethics (or the lack thereof) have descended.

    Why that BBC reported wasn’t summarily ejected from the White House news pool is a mystery to me. Had I the choice, he would have been slingshotted out of there so fast just the drag of air friction alone would have given him third degree burns.

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