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3 Replies to “Let’s hear from one of Canada’s newest multimillionaires!”

  1. Here is the poster boy for western weakness in the face of jihad. He has been set free and been paid an enormous jizyah. When my uncle was dragged off to the Soviet gulag after WW2 he came back very quiet. He didn’t want to speak about unspeakables. He lived out his life, but never spoke about the camp. When your experience is truly bad you don’t talk.

    Yet, after all that this enemy combatant has been given by the people of Dystopia, he still name drops Torture like it’s an important, high-end friend. And it is. It got him free. It got him over $10,000,000. And now it will make him a jet-setter. All for killing an American serviceman.

    If Dear Leader had an ounce of decency he would have negotiated that $10m to this rat then snatched it away and given it to the family that now suffers without the man Kader killed.

      • Great article. As Eeyore says the new Marxism, evolved from postmodernism, has adapted into the monster we fight today. And as they try so very hard to resurrect the Nazis of yesteryear under the misnomer of “far-right” misfits, they overlook the maniacs in the mirror.

        Big fight this past Sunday lunch at my father’s place based on this, this modern identity crisis. Like something right out of a James Joyce novel with the cacophony of disparate conversations and voices, my progressive brother spewed his typical garbage, may father’s Hungarian caretaker who Doesn’t Get It spewed hers, while her Ashkenazi-Hungarian-Israeli husband (who Does Get It) sang sweet nothings in Hebrew over the whole mess while I screamed Commie!

        It’s enough to make a fella drink more palinka.

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