Ireland and the new Moral Inversion of multiculturalism

If you click over to YT you will notice that this video has been placed in a limited state, presumably due to the contents. please feel free to comment here.

PLEASE read ALL the comments under this video here at Vlad (since none are allowed at Youtube)

The author has made a video about this treatment:

Thank you Reziac.

I hope he doesn’t mind, but I put it over on

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16 Replies to “Ireland and the new Moral Inversion of multiculturalism”

  1. YouTube is disgusting. I’m so pissed after seeing how a truthful video is quashed because it doesn’t adore multiculturalism.
    The current monopolies are greater and far more dangerous than any of the past ones.
    Standard Oil sold oil and took the people’s money.
    Google markets deception and takes our children’s souls.

  2. All he wants is for Ireland to remain Irish, for the Irish culture to reign supreme in Ireland. How is that evil? How is loving your nation evil? It isn’t but the left is out to destroy all cultures so they can create their idea of utopia.

  3. Yes, cjk, disgusting. This is “inappropriate or offensive”?? To be told this makes me want to go out and scream our truths from every rooftop, regardless of all consequences.

    In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

  4. I am so tucking angry right now !! I desperately want and need to get off YouTube and Goggle !! They are the evil ones. !! There is nothing offensive about this video !!

    • Not only not offensive, but there is nothing in it most of us do not already know.

      He puts it all together nicely without any way to call him a Nazi or a racist though. And that I suppose, is what makes it so dangerous to the Globalist cabal.

      Please do spread by all means at your disposal.

      • I can break anything… BTW this place has decided to not remember my credentials, so I have to fill-in-the-blanks every time.


        Bitchute is a bit browser-fussy. Works passably in Chrome and very well in Borealis; not at all in Palemoon or SeaMonkey. At least for me…

        • Ill pass this on to the long suffering fellow who looks after the tech aspects of the site. It may be a browser thing though, and not a site thing.

 is a new social media site which is sort of a Facebook/Youtube combined. Its quite good and is run by classical liberals of the Jefferson variety. Admirable people indeed.

          For me, Bitchute plays acceptably in whatever browser but never at better than 480, which is poor if you are trying to read subtitles. I do all my videos at 1080 so they are sharp and clear at full screen.

          Here is the video I pirated up to Freezoxee

          I recommend signing up to the social media platform here:

          The only rule, no totalitarian ideology pushed. Islam, communism, Nazism, being the examples.

  5. Susan Woscicki, CEO of YouTube is a textbook thin-skinned angry radical feminist right out of central casting and the only reason this video was unpersoned like that was because it stands in the way of her left-wing radical world vision. This is really war, folks. Susan wants us to turn into the Soviet Union and she runs the most powerful conservative voice on the planet, which is YouTube. It must be a nightmare for her having to allow all those nasty conservative pigs to use her sight to spread their lies.

    I looked carefully and saw no instance of that video threatening anybody’s life or vilifying any group or counseling anybody to commit a crime. The only possible reason it got banned was that it contains information that Susan Wojcicki does not want you to have because she knows it’s the truth and she’s afraid people will find out and come after her for treason once they realize what she is up to…

  6. ‘That is what makes a country what it is: the people’

    “The region that is now Northern Ireland was the bedrock of the Irish war of resistance against English programmes of colonialism in the late 16th century. The English-controlled Kingdom of Ireland had been declared by the English king Henry VIII in 1542, but Irish resistance made English control fragmentary. Following Irish defeat at the Battle of Kinsale, though, the region’s Gaelic, Roman Catholic aristocracy fled to continental Europe in 1607 and the region became subject to major programmes of colonialism by Protestant English (mainly Anglican) and Scottish (mainly Presbyterian) settlers” – wiki

    Population-replacement is real colonialism.

    To discuss the marxist program of mass-immigration negatively, is a Hate Crime.

    • Motherhood.

      Those precious moment in the nursery they will never know and never get back.

      Their only consolation is their male-stud(s) never experienced Fatherhood.

      From Russians to Chinese to The West, cutting off an emerging sentient life, and replacing them with low-IQ slaves with their Articles of Faith so that the mediocre may reign as a class above.

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