How much, often and by what direction does the CBC lie to those who pay for it?

First, lets look at a video on FOX with the French Ambassador about the killing at the Christmas Market:

Now, CBC’s bullish*t report where they literally mislead the audience into thinking he is a natural Frenchman with no motive anyone can understand.

In a way I am almost annoyed by President Trump’s characterization of most mass media as “fake news”. In truth it is Soviet level deception of the public. Indeed, as Trump has started to say more recently, the press is indeed “the enemy of the people”.

Most certainly the CBC.

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7 Replies to “How much, often and by what direction does the CBC lie to those who pay for it?”

  1. Grow up and get rid of your childish envy. A rich person pays more tax than the average, they also call less on free goverment services than average. They are entitled to their wealth, as most have put more on the line than others to grow their wealth. Instead of envy …….try emulation.
    Work harder, Work smarter.

    • When enough people become aware of the facts of the CBC and other MSM sources which are warped to an agenda and blatantly lie to disadvantage the public, then we will elect someone like Bernier who PROMISED to defund them.

      I do not begrudge the CBC their six cents in revenue to get to that point.

  2. Yup and this is why informed never rely on Canadian news media for facts
    Sadly, all those dozens of millions who do are inadvertently forced to consume the propaganda presented by Canadian news

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