How does Europe’s civilizational fall look just at the moment? Links 2, Dec. 10/18

1. ‘Stansted 15’ Who Blocked UK Immigration Removal Flight Facing Life Imprisonment

December 10 marks international human rights day – but also the conviction of 15 UK activists who stalled the takeoff of an immigration removal charter flight by blocking the runway have been convicted of endangering the safety of Stansted airport, a terrorism offence for which they could face life imprisonment.


Following a nine-week trial, the jury at Chelmsford crown court took three days to find the defendants — all part of the End Deportations campaign group — guilty of intentionally disrupting flight services at an aerodrome, a breach of the 1990 Aviation and Maritime Security Act.

2. EUROPE’S SHAME: Terrified Jewish people facing ‘no-go zones’ – shock EU report

ANTI-SEMITISM is rampant across Europe with a shock new EU report warning of a rise in ‘no-go zones’ for Jewish people.

The report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights found a worrying rise in anti-Semitism – especially in Germany, which was highlighted as a particularly hostile environment. Out of 16,395 Jews interviewed during the study, 75 percent of German interviewees abstain from wearing Jewish symbols in public, with 46 percent of Jews in Germany avoid entering certain areas.


Up to 44 percent from Germany have even considered immigrating due to feeling unsafe in no-go areas. Of those questioned, 85 percent of German Jews consider anti-Semitism to be a major problem, with 41 percent having said they have suffered an anti-semitic experience.

Related item: Forty percent of European Jewish people, considering leaving.

3. Clearing out the abandoned penicillin factory in Rome used by illegals and other criminals.

4. Macron fertilizes fields across France without leaving his office

5. This appears to be 25 minutes of ‘the old ultra violence’ in France.

6. ANTIFA on Parliament Hill Dec. 8th

7. Not sure what to make of this. Tales of an ex-McDonalds manager at 99 Rideau st.

Something very unusual happens in this video, which is already unusual. Its basically like someone went to a fight and someone else built a McDonalds around it. But watch what happens around 38 seconds in where someone introduces, I dunno, a biological weapon?

The explanations, such as they are, are at the link provided.

Thank you MG., M., Wrath of Khan, Yucki, EB., and all who sent in materials helping to show to a degree, how dramatically the world is being transformed by enemies of the concept of the individual. 

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  1. 6- The police new this would happen. Their game faces and body language showed it long before Antifa arrived. And what impressive displays of courage from these communists, always looking for a chance to attack when in superior numbers, even if they are attacking police.

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