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6 Replies to “Act 5 of the protests called for in Paris by Yellow Vest ‘leader’”

  1. the black african should not be in france.period.
    she should be gone back to the sands she came from.
    the guy is exactly 100% correct.

  2. « On réclame plus d’information. Le président de la République aujourd’hui a signé le pacte de Marrakech (sur l’immigration). Est-ce qu’il a pris la parole devant les citoyens ? A-t-il expliqué ce que c’était alors qu’il engageait la France ? Nous, on ne sait pas ce qu’il en est.»

  3. Thank you, Ava Lon, for everything that you do. Let us all hope that one day your important contributions to this site will receive the wider recognition that they so very much deserve. MERRY CHRISTMAS! … And get well soon.


  4. Thank you Ava Lon indeed.
    First you find the info and then you work to translate .
    Bunt finding it is the real work,going through all the garbage that internet is today.thank you again

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