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8 Replies to “Looting of stores in France”

  1. Nothing says “Vive la France!” like scoring a set of Ping golf clubs, some sweet Nike golf shoes and a box of Titleist golf balls–all for free!

  2. These are not the “French”, but the thugs which in Merkel’s Germany are referred to as “Merkel Guests” and in France they are called “the young ‘uns from the suburbs”. These are their “traditional” actions after each soccer play, and other celebrations …. ramadan, New Years Eve, 14 Juillet, etc.

    The Crimonologist (a true expert) speaks of the real French in this video:

    • This ^^^^extract from the weekly TV Libertés program “Samedi Politique” was broadcast on 8 December (and probably pre-recorded the night before), so just after the 3rd week of the Yellow Vests/Gilets Jaunes.

        • I like the way he describes the patience and thw fury. I sure hope he is right. In Dystopia the French are always more politically dynamic and they produce some very astutue politicians.

          • He is right, the left has ignored the people for way too long and are about to discover that the people are still the same as our ancestors who made the world tremble with out anger.

      • He is seeing the same thing in history that I have been seeing, people will set patiently and suffer in relative silence until the breaking point and then they will become the people who make the world shake from their fury. Britain and France are at the breaking point (France further down the road then Britain) and the people in fly over country in the US (the middle of the nation that the self proclaimed elite ignore as they fly from coast to coast) elected Donald Trump to stop the big government. The Dems and other big government types are ignoring history because they don’t think we are still the people who won WWII. They are wrong and are about the discover that when the giant is sleeping leave him alone, when you wake him he is angry and violent.

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