Belgian Government falls over Global Migration Pact (Marrakesh)

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Fall of the government: N-VA is out, Michel continues to rule

N-VA chairman Bart De Wever today announced around 21:00 that the Marrakesh pact is and will remain a breaking point for his party. Prime Minister Michel, however, said that he is leaving for Marrakech as planned. In a press conference Michel stated at 22: 45h that the government had fallen. N-VA is out and an orange-blue minority coalition will continue to rule. The N-VA excellence will be replaced.

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23h35: Political scientist Bouteca points out that Belgium already had minority governments,  “but it never became a success”

Through BELGA  , political scientist  Nicolas Bouteca (UGent) illustrates that Belgium never worked well with a minority government. The late  Leo Tindemans and the late Gaston Eyskens (both CVP) led minority governments in 1974 and 1958, but they quickly lost out .  “In the Scandinavian countries, [and minority cabinets] are more common, but in Belgium it is not in the tradition.”

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5 Replies to “Belgian Government falls over Global Migration Pact (Marrakesh)”

  1. A marginally more palatable sort of Marrakesh.

    NOTE: Few people realize that David Crosby’s pre-op liver had a street value of thousands.

  2. Looks like the UN and the EU overreach is bringing about up expected consequences.

    The left is real good at ignoring the people.

  3. Belgian coalition government loses majority as N-VA partners walk out

    Liberals and Christian Democrats to battle on in minority with PM Charles Michel insisting his country will sign the UN Migrants Charter, the dealbreaker for the Flemish Nationalists

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