Tomorrow morning on Parliament Hill, a last chance to voice opposition to Trudeau eliminating Canada as a nation state

The headline is not an exaggeration. It is a literal statement of fact.

Parliament Hill, Wellington St, Ottawa Canada

December 8th, at 10:00 AM for the French presentation and 11:00 for the English which will include a speech by Maxime Bernier, leader of the closest thing we have to a libertarian party.

Be there or forever regret not at least doing this little bit to stop the end of Canada, and the Nation State as we know it.

Yes, its possible that a future leader may be able to undo this mess and get us out of the UN altogether, but the longer one waits and the worse things get, the more unfortunate the solutions tend to become. So make the effort when the effort is non-violent and using the tools of democracy,

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3 Replies to “Tomorrow morning on Parliament Hill, a last chance to voice opposition to Trudeau eliminating Canada as a nation state”

  1. Too late to protest, kids. The deal is done, and there is no going back. Your country is a vassal of the OIC. There was no discussion, nobody asked you, the citizen, what you want.
    You just get handed the bill. Payable in blood.
    Had there been any protest, even if millions protested, the marxist regime would still be putting pen to paper in Marrakesh. Your voice does not matter. This democracy is dead.
    Now, the islamo-marxist empire is ascendant.
    We are refused a voice, we are not permitted to fight this with words and idea’s.
    So be it. With civil society denied, we will fight it out with less civilized implements.
    Tool up. You will be needing *those* implements just to survive.

    • Ok. All this is true. But like most statements of truth it is incomplete.

      If enough people protest this and other UN commie BS. here and elsewhere, a leader will come who will negate the policies and maybe even pull Canada out of the UN and maybe even be instrumental in ending the UN altogether, which HAS to happen soon actually.

      And as far out as this sounds, it has already happened with the League of Nations, which I don’t know that much about other than it likely sucked as bad as the UN does and probably tried to do a power overreach like the UN did, and so should die the same death as the LoN did.

      The EU will likely also be ended as a bad job soonish. So yeah, all that stuff you said is true, but wars never end, only open battles do in one sense.

      If the commies can take over the damn world decades after the wall fell in Berlin, then we can fight back after this thing is signed and undo those changes.

      • You are right wars never end, fighting stops from time to time so the nations can catch their breaths and rearm.

        Yes we can fight on, in fact we have to fight on, history shows that if we keep fighting we can’t lose. The problem is the left has spent a lot of time and money teaching the kids not to fight no matter what. We have to turn that around and get them willing to fight for freedom.

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