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3 Replies to “Suspicious tank-like vehicles headed to Paris”

  1. That is an Urban Assault Vehicle, it is designed to be used in Urban warfare or when assaulting a fortified drug house. It looks like it has a medium (7.62 x 57 mm) machine for a main gun. When properly assembled Molotov Cocktails are useless on them. They use tires instead of tracks so they don’t tear up the Urban streets.

    • That is an Urban Assault Vehicle…

      So, without declaring martial law, Micron is trotting out the minor wood (to a chess term that refers to rooks, bishops, and knights). While these may not be real tanks, they are relatively immune to common urban projectiles like cobblestones and cinder blocks.

      This impromptu and unannounced escalation indicates that Micron is is steadily growing more uneasy with his role as Europe’s happy-clappy, oedipal Gallic Socialist. His shift over to hardline tactics will backfire nearly as badly as any declaration of martial law.

      As others have noted, where are all of the Nafris and MME “migrants”? It’s almost impossible to believe that they have sufficient brains to stay out of the way, especially when there are dandy high-end boutiques to be looted. Although, in all honesty, stepping aside and letting the indigenous Europeans have a go at each other shouldn’t be an out-of-reach concept, even for those smooth-brained galahs.

      At the risk of beating Napoleon’s almost-dead horse:

      Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.

      While the invaders understand this at a gut level, from all other indicators (e.g., their heinous rapes and poorly controlled tempers) it’s doubtful that most of them could even summon sufficient neuronal stamina to marginally parse the above quotation.

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